Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have a rules question for GW? I have one about Drop Pods.

Couple of Fridays ago Suijin and I were talking about contacting GW about rules questions.  Decided to google it and top search provided the answer.

JJ typing, the impetus to this post is something Suijin mentioned.  Guess there was some noise on a 40k forum about how GW accepts rules questions.  One party said they only take phone calls.  Another said email.  It was mentioned that even after showing the webpage which says GW only answers questions via email the party remained unconvinced.  They still insisted GW only answers questions via phone.

May have found the reason why the party thinks GW only answer questions via phone not email.

Per the google search and brief description for top link it does state only phone calls.

Clicking on the link leads us to the page giving contradicting information.  There is a phone number to call if one were so inclined.  Neil from Phoenix Games, over a decade ago, called GW about a rules question I had while playing at his store.

Originally that was all this post was going to be about.  Briefly talk about the discrepancy and let those who don't know how to contact GW about a rules question.  Then decided to email my own question.

attached pics:

If I was forward thinking about this post, would've emailed them a couple of days ago and included their answer in the post.  That will be for the update post with the answer.

slainte mhath


  1. I read somewhere, at one point, that the Drop Pod doors were ignored for all purposes once it was placed on the table. I wish I could point you specifically where I read that, but I cannot.

    1. Was hoping the doors would be addressed in the new codex. When people are using drop pods the question invariably pops-up. "Do the pedals count as hull?"

    2. It used to be that way but they didn't add it back in with the new books, so who knows now really.


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