Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14.1.11 1850 Dark Eldar vs Eldar

Been a little bit since Shawn last played a game.  Decided to use my Dark Eldar instead of Necrons.

JJ playing, met Shawn far later than we agreed last Sat.  I'm a huge fan of sleep.  Getting me up on the weekends at a reasonable time is quite difficult.  Also wanted to get the models I finished back to him.

Wore my CONvergence Connie Asimov Construct '13 hoodie.

Mission: Relic.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Won roll decided to deploy and go first.

Really like this set up for our skimmers to race around.

Shawn attempted to seize, nope.

Top of first.  Venoms race up behind each building.  Ravagers and Raiders zoom behind far building attempting to get out of line of sight from the Vaul Weapon Supports (Shadow Weaver) and War Walkers.  Have a lot of paper tigers that I want to use later.  Ancient Haemonculi is in right Venom, Vect in left.

Bottom of first.  Eldar move up their left flank.  Take out Venom, one Trueborn is lost.  Shadow Weavers take out a Raider and scatter some hull points across the rest.  Flickerfield helps me out a lot.  First Blood to Eldar 1 VP.  Really Dark Eldar should be able to get First Blood regularly.

Top of second.  Kabal of the Sundered Moon turn it up several notches.  Trueborn leave Haemonculi taking pain token with them.  They shoot and assault Wave Serpent that has Asurman and Dire Avengers inside.  Really do like Trueborn for their gear.  Haywire grenades lunch Wave Serpent.  One Scourge squad and Razorwing arrive from reserves.  Haemonculi drops webway.  Been awhile since I've used these guys, 13 months actually, need to get back into my rhythm.  A lot of shooting and War Walkers are put down.  Several operators of the Shadow Weavers are also removed.  Vect finishes off Vaul weapon squad with assault.  Attempting to hit hard and fast.  Plan is to not give Shawn a second to breathe.

Bottom of second.  Asurman and Avengers get out and remove the three Trueborn that lunched their ride.  Shining Spears arrive from reserves.  Shawn is really enjoying this game.  Wave Serpent Vect had his eye on moves back a little and removes Vect from play.  Slay the Warlord to Eldar 1 VP.  2 VP so far.

Due to plans I had with Suijin for cider chicken we called it here.  Shawn said he really liked this game.  He said to bring the same list next time and we'll finish it next time.  Told him it's a date.

slainte mhath

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