Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eldar Striking Scorpions Completed

Finally getting around to painting these bad boys.  Have had them since last Jan.  Damn that is a long time to hold onto models and not paint them.

JJ painting, you may have noticed these guys hiding on the other side of my paint brush holder many, many months ago.  They really began to bother me.  Now time to pull them out from their hiding place and give them attention.  Having a commission piece sitting around for a year and not doing anything has really bothered me.  Events have fortunately allowed me to work on them.  Eldar Warhammer 40k commission for Shawn.
Armour plates Caliban Green.

Out of all the models I would've painted that helped me understand Andrew's words "When to be sloppy and when to be clean" I was surprised this was the unit to teach me it.

Caliban Green for armour plates.

Abaddon Black for cords, Murehk and hair tassels.

Auric Armour Gold for Chainsword.

Exarchs have extra bling.  Stone based Dheneb Stone.  Left washed Gryphonne Sepia.

Bulbs Caledor Sky.

Tying Striking Scorpions into the army: strip on left leg Reaper Surf Aqua.

Eyes Flash Gitz Yellow.

Scorpion on the left rock 1:1 Mechanicus Grey and Army Painter Mat Black.

If I would've only been more careful with these models I could've cut the painting time by at least an hour.  Instead I was too focused on sloppy vs clean.  Too much green and black and going back to redo the green and black.  I believe I understand what Andrew meant when he said 'when to be sloppy and when to be clean.'  Quite a rough lesson to learn on these models.

slainte mhath

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