Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ebay Tyranids Hive Crone Completed

Could've finished this guy in about three sessions if I really plugged at away at it.  Decent pace.  Probably would've taken longer had I used my previous techniques.

Gouges in carapace reveal vibrant new growth, Balor Brown.

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All spikes based Army Painter Mat Black.

Looks like I was a little excited again.  Missed a finger bone.  When I saw it started laughing.  Then gave the rest of the model a scrutinizing look to see if there are any other parts I missed.

Much better.

Spikes on wings also Army Painter Mat Black.

First highlight on spikes Reaper Dusky Skin Shadow.

Was going to paint the chin like a spike wasn't sure about the transition.  Decided to paint it like the top of the sternum.  First highlight Lightning Blue, second Ice Blue.

Second highlight on spikes Fenris Grey.

Considered magentizing the tentaclids.  Then thought about them possibly being lost.  Based Vallejo Stormy Blue.  Highlighted carapace Kantor Blue.  Tails Lightning Blue.  Spikes Ice Blue.

Hull of a futile Ultramarine craft and other basing materials.  Painted the base Vermin Brown before adding the basing.  Can still see where the elmer's glue is still wet in some areas.  Mordian7th does this look better than the previous flyer base?

Its alive!  Flash Gitz Yellow for eyes.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


  1. That is really really great! I still think you are mailing it in on your bases a bit.You could knock out some very nice bases ESPECIALLY with your top notch airbrush skills. Here is a link to a bunch of Buy Painted's quick and dirty bases videos:

    The painting on your mini is just so high end that if you don't follow up on the base it sticks out quite bit. I know there is a balance to strike between time and profit on these, but again, you don't have to take long with them since you have the right tools and CLEARLY the right skills ;)

    1. Wow, thanks for the high praise, Zab. That is extremely kind of you.

      Little confused, what do you mean by mailing it in on my bases? Honestly never heard that before.

      Thanks for the link.

    2. It basically means the base work is not in keeping with the high standard of the model. It looks like just bare gravel and flock. I think if you were to vary the kind of gravel and texture and maybe add some other element and then paint them up as well as you've done the model it would pull the two together more. For a straight up gaming base it is fine, but given the quality of the mini the base looks like a bit of an afterthought. Also, those wings turned out so well! That purple to blue transition is so bloody smooth. Does your compressor have an air tank by any chance?

    3. Ah, I understand. The base is too flat. Don't have to use the ballast as it is. You can paint it. Really put some thought into the base. Wanted to use different mediums to give it a better depth than before. Was also thinking you might mean the base is too flat. Adding some levels will give depth. Which could be better received.

      Thanks for the compliment about the wings. It was a great tutorial, couldn't do just the 'how to.' Had to branch out on my own. Quite pleased how they turned out. Yes it has a tank. Wasn't going to buy one of those compressors that you had to turn off because the piston compressing the air would break.

    4. I was just wondering because the pulsing from mine makes fine work look like I am spitting on the model with paint o_O I will need to upgrade to a tank soon. If I want to do really fine detail work.

    5. If you're getting a sprinkler-style spray, make sure the nozzle cap is on tight enough. If it's not, you'll often get pulsing.

    6. It's only a problem when i am trying to do hair line type stuff with the.02 needle and tip. It could be i need more medium in there too. Mainly i would love something that gives me constant pressure without having to run the whole time.

    7. Zab, in my experience unfortunately it comes down to the thinness of the paint. As you said the medium. While my initial attempts to make airbrush paint were successful. I've learned something has changed with the paint. Something I'm still working on.

      Going with the medium, thinness of the paint, Vallejo Model Air paint isn't actually "Model Air." It needs to be thinned more. Then it's asked "How do I thin airbrush paint further?" Well you can't do it in the bottle because its already full. You have to do it in another cup or paint cup (airbrush reservouir). At this point I highly suggest using water. A question might follow how do I mix water with paint in the paint cup. Which I'm sure you already know, Zab. For those that don't. One can hold their finger over the cap and make a call for paint. This pushes the air into the paint cup and mixes the water with the paint. My airbrush only sprinkles when the paint is too thick.

      I'm working on a permanent way for airbrush paint to be always ready. So far I've been unsuccessful. /sad panda

    8. Zab, if you don't have a tank with your airbrush compressor than I highly suggest to abandon as soon as you can and get one that does. Compressors with a tank don't cost too much. I'd say 80$ on the cheapest and 100$ for the medium. Of course if money is an issue with Chaos Spawn and Lady Inquisitor it may take longer than desired to get a compressor with a tank.

    9. I will bite the bullet soon and get one i with a tank. I currently have a very very old Testors that has an on off switch, moisture trap, psi regulator and that's. If i want to use it for more than 20 min i can't since it goes all plasma gun on me and "gets hot" and shuts down for bit. I will probably go badger since all my other stuff is badger too.

    10. Some how it didn't occur to me to ask. What kind of airbrush are you using that has a .02 mm needle and nozzle? Didn't think they made them in that size. I'm aware of Sotar and Harder and Steenbeck Infinity having .19 mm, and that is damn small.


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