Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fire Dragons 2 Completed

So far my plan is working.  We'll find out if its still working after day 9.

Spray painted Army Painter Uniform Grey.

JJ painting, completed a couple of Fire Dragons Shawn handed me several months ago.  Eldar Warhammer 40k commission.

Went to the liquor store New Years Eve for some mead.  Chaucer's and Winehaven.  Apparently they were out of Chaucer's which turned out to be a good thing.  That is when I looked at their cider selection.  My eyes couldn't believe what was before them.  Fox Barrel red label.  Looked closer and it was indeed the Rhubard & Elderberry variety.  WHAT?  I exclaimed.  This is the best cider I've ever had.  Earlier this year they stopped stocking it.  Asked the guys in charge of that section, one said he'd look into it and call me.  He called me the next day.  Fox Barrel has discontinued it.  Didn't occur to me just now it might be a seasonal thing.  Several large bottles of cider are seasonal.  Crispin's Honeycrisp for example.  Told them at the time and again that night "You're fucking with my alcohol intake.  This will not stand."  Mostly meant in a funny serious way.  Little bit livid.  Bought the four bottles they had on the shelf.  Now to ration them.    They called the other store and they couldn't find the nine bottles they supposedly have.  I'm thinking they aren't sure what they are looking for.  Had this for News Years midnight.

What a great colour.  Considering making youtube videos of different types of ciders.  Should also make youtube videos of painting and batreps.

Back to our regular schedule broadcast already in progress.  Armour plates based Ironbreaker.

Now for another advert.  This is Glewwe's Castle Brewery root beer.  Best damned root beer I ever tasted.  First had this two years ago at Autumn Brew Review.  Bought two bottles that year.  This year returned those two and bought four.  Bottle is 5$.  With returning the bottle it costs 2$.  Next ABR I'll return the four I have and buy another four less than 10$.

Again, look at that colour.  What a great root beer.

Looks like I missed a pic.  Gryphonne Sepia over the armour to give it that earthen tone.  Blazing Orange for Meltagun.  Abaddon Black for cords.

Forgot the cords on the gun.  Now the cords are all painted.  Bulbs Caledor Sky.

Flash Gitz Yellow for eyes.

slainte mhath


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