Thursday, January 2, 2014

Commission Painting at 20% Discount

Did you make a New Year's resolution to finally get all your models painted?  Is one of your goals to save money in 2014?  Is this the year you decided to put the other armies on the wartable to shame?  I can make sure you do all three.

JJ typing, during the month of January link: Silver Gargoyle Productions is providing a 20% discount on all painting services.  If you want $100 worth of effort for $80 I'm your painter.  Start the year off right by hiring me to do your work for you.

Please review link: Silver Gargoyle Gallery or any of the pics below.

Here are a sampling of models I've painted over the past two decades.  Almost none of these have been on this blog before, except in a BatRep.

Perhaps you have a special character that you want painted,

Azrael Grand Master of Dark Angels

Ezekiel Chief Librarian of the Dark Angels

Urien Rakarth of Commorragh

Dark Eldar Reaver

or maybe you want a squad that demands the attention of onlookers,

Dark Eldar Scourge

maybe there's a vehicle that you want to stand out on the table,

Dark Eldar Raider

some monstrous creatures that deserves respect,

Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engines

I take pride in models that have moveable parts, if the part can move it will,

Necron Monolith

you might have a model no longer being made and want it to stand a part from others,

Eldar Phantom Titan for 40k epic

Rogue Trader Keeper of Secrets

even a newer model that might be intimidating to paint,

Daemon Prince

could be a HQ that should knock the socks off anyone who looks at it,

Lord of Change

Abaddon the Despoiler

My favourite Dark Angel, Cypher

Great Unclean One

found a great out of print mini online and want it painted,

Rogue Trader Chaos Space Marines Terminator

even want something special done with the base,


I love free-hand painting designs on models,

Rogue Trader Noise Marines

The models speak for themselves.  I'll happily rise to your painting challenge.  Email me, leave a comment or visit for more information and pictures.  Enjoy the New Year!

slainte mhath


  1. Radier, talos's (tali?), monolith and lord of change are the stand outs in this collection. Quit holding out on us man o_O

    1. Thanks, Zab. Because of you I know what pics to add to the website and the gallery. Monolith and Lord of Change were painted 10+ and 15+ years ago respectively.

      Funny thing is I look back on some of my models wonder where did talent go? Just like a muscle. If you don't use it, it goes to waste. Need to find the muscle for that style again.

    2. Say, Zab. What do you think of the new backdrop?

    3. I like it, it's a good neutral colour and not too bright for the darker models.


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