Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spiritseer extra detail

Shawn ok'd more work on the Spiritseer.  Said not to go over-board.

Ice Blue highlight on helmet and hands.

JJ painting, this an Eldar Spiritseer Warhammer 40k commission.

Fenris Grey highlight on shoulders, arms and staff handle.

Thought I'd go with Scorpion green for the vane highlights.  Way too bright.

Goblin Green highlight on vanes to see if it worked better.

Also Goblin Green for staff.  Yeah looks good.

Goblin Green is stippled over the Caliban green.  Looks different when used as a highlight.

1:1 Reaper Surf Aqua and Army Painter Mat White for robe highlight.

Shawn likes the added work.  Told him it took about 30mins to do the extra work.  Asked him to keep that in mind for future models.  Little more touches here and there enhance the model and doesn't make it terribly expensive.

slainte mhath


  1. Good stuff...all I can see is that hand doing the rock I'm expecting him to start singing some Van Halen or something.XD

    1. Thanks Malthus. Zab mentioned he wanted to put a guitar in the guys hand.

  2. I agree the stippling looks great! It's cool how the green and gray are both striking contrasts to the blue, yet they don't take attention away from the main body of the Spiritseer.

    Cool paint job!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Tyrannic Tom. Didn't see the contrast til you mentioned it. Great eye.


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