Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eldar Autarch on a Jetbike Completed

Last model of Shawn's I have at my place to paint.  Feels to good to be caught up with his models.

Gryphonne Sepia wash over face and hair.

JJ painting, Eldar Warhammer 40k commission.

Hair highlighted with Army Painter Mat White and skin Tallarn Flesh.

These are parts are done for now.  Only little things left to complete on these.  Onto the canopy.  Here's the reveal.

Yeah.  Shawn picked up a pair of these off ebay sometime ago.  I remember seeing them on Rogue Trader models when I first started playing.  Usually they were used for Harlequin jetbikes.  Had an idea how to paint it and asked Shawn for ok.  Then started working on it.  Originally canopy was going to be painted in halves, then had a better idea.  Let's dathedi this b-word.  Left eye and right side of mouth Army Painter Mat Black.  Right eye and left side of mouth Army Painter Mat White.  Right side based Reaper Surf Aqua.

Then flipped it.  White where's there black and black where's there white.  Looking at the teeth in person makes my eyes feel funny.  Pic does nothing for me.

Now for the magic.  Specifically told Shawn I wanted to paint the canopy like the head of my Lord of Change's staff.  He gave me the ok.  Army Painter Mat White for highlight.

Left side based Hawk Turquoise.

Highlighted Reaper Surf Aqua.  Figured since those were the two colours Shawn handed me two years ago I would use them together.  There was a lot of correcting here and there to get the mirror effect as close as humanly possible.

Attaching the canopy to the bike body was a little difficult.  Bulbs Caledor Sky.

Knew that this would happen.  Felt it move and just ripped it off instead of worrying when it would fall off.

Army Painter Mat White for craftworld symbol.

Wraithguard/blade glyph

Shining Spears

Autarch glyph

Line highlight of Fenris Grey on parts of autarch's armour and jetbike.  Warpstone Green for tassel on lance.

slainte mhath


  1. That canopy is great. It looks like some kind of Japanese Oni death mask!

    1. Didn't think about it looking like a Japanese Oni death mask. That is cool. Perhaps I should paint the next one that way. Thanks.

  2. That turned out looking fantastic - great work, man!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Mordian7th


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