Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Add a Shuriken Cannon to a Jetbike

As originally seen at link: Nick's Excellent Walk-through Eldar Shuriken Cannon Jetbike.  Figured I'd give it a go.

JJ typing, was talking with someone awhile ago and they mentioned this.  Liked it and decided to do it for Shawn's Jetbike riding Autarch.

Tools used:
Plastic clippers
Pin vice
Paper clip
Modelling knife

And the cutting begins.  Starting clipping off parts following Nick's walk-through. 

Time to start matching parts up.  Noticed on Nick's conversion these parts were closer together.

Realized he removed the peg that supports the twin-linked Tuelean to the chassis.

Looking better.  I'd suggest to use clippers to remove everything below the red line on the front of the jetbike body.

This helps with getting the shuriken cannon closer to the bikes body.

First time doing this.  Didn't know how much to cut off.  More clipping.

Time to scratch that pinning addiction.

Pin should be cut at an angle.  It's essential for the next part.

You may notice a small indent on the bottom of the jetbike body.  That is where the pointed pin scored it to know where to drill.  Don't want to guess where to drill only to have the cannon off centre of the bike body.

Superglue here,

and here.

Looks good so far.

Angles a little to the right.  That's what she said, haha.  Had to be done, handsome.

If there's one thing I would do different.  Would be to add another pin between the bottom of bike body and top of cannon.  Would allow for more support in case some ewt, how I pronounce youth, or roughian wanted to inspect it too fiercely.

Let's give a round of applause to Nick for coming up with this conversion and giving me permission to use his link in this post.

Thanks, Nick!

slainte mhath


  1. Very nice! Why the super glue though? Plastic glue forms a stronger bond and doesn't require pinning ;)

    1. Guess I've just stuck with superglue. Only tried plastic glue on my Noir Engel army. Didn't know you don't need to pin with plastic glue. Should try it out. Thanks.

    2. Well, only so long as it's plastic to plastic. Everything else requires pinning and superglue or epoxy :)

    3. Epoxy is supposed to be quite effective. Long curing time. What epoxy do you use on models?

    4. I just use a 2 part expoy that dries in 60 min. They have some that dry in 30. I like them for attaching things to display bases or for terrain as the slow drying time lets you position and nudge things. However once it dries you will never get them apart without damaging said piece so you have to be very sure you want those two things bonded o_O

    5. Sounds like stuff I can use. Do you have a name?

    6. Man mine is so old they change the packaging. It used to come in 2 separate tubes with caps that you unscrew and squeeze a little out of each and then mix them. It was by Lepage, This is the closest I could find now.
      I don't like it though as the nozzles are really close together and it would be so easy for hardener to get on the epoxy side and seal it shut. If you can find a 2 part expoy that comes in two completely separate tubes you would be better off than the plunger system.

    7. Something like this but this stuff dries in 5 minutes!

    8. I've used the Lapage stuff earlier. Only used it to glue styrofoam terrain.

      The later is something is something I'll look into. Thanks for the links.


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