Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eldar Spiritseer Completed

This guy was handed to me a long time ago.  Because of other plans he was placed on the back burner.  Time to give him the attention he deserves.  As they say: First in, First out.  Also M:tG rule. Or was that first in, last out.  I'm sure that was that.

Anyone besides me getting that weird deja-vu feeling?

JJ painting, painted this model in about 3.5 hrs.  This an Eldar Spiritseer Warhammer 40k commission for Shawn.

Have to say what a lovely model.  Though I have one issue with it.  That will be resolved the next time I paint this model.  Which will be the Spiritseer for my army.  That post is a LONG time in the future.

Zab, still want to have this guy wielding a guitar?

Spray painted Army Painter Uniform Grey.
Wanted to tie this guy into the other ghost warriors of Shawn's army.  Figured I'd paint the helmet Hawk Turquoise like all the helms of Wraithguard and Knights have been painted.

Two coats of Reaper Surf Aqua for the robe.  Kept thinking of Andrew's advice.  Shawn wants this guy to have the same detail as Eldrad.  Above standard minimum paint job.  This is a three colour minimum with special requests.

Ushabti Bone for Rune Armour.

Abaddon Black for pouch, Murehk holder and leather string.

Belt based Scab Red.

Highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet.

At this point, well really the belt, is where I'm stretching.  There's no way I'll be able to spend the same amount of time on this model as I did on Eldrad.  Hell if Shawn allowed me another 6 hours on this guy he would be the best painted model in his army.  This guy is flying.  Parts of the staff painted Goblin and Caliban Green.  Really I'm stretching the paint job for it to take longer than it should.  Not sure what is going on.  Either A) I've grown as a painter over the last year a.k.a. painting faster, B) Andrew's advice has affected me more than I know, or as my Love says C) It's a combination of both.  Seriously this model is flying regarding painting.  Leather straps on left wrist are painted Vermin Brown.

Bling on the wrists and gem holders Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Ok, I'm officially reaching.  At this point I'm a bit disappointed, perhaps surprised?, with myself.  Could've finished this guy an hour quicker.  Decided to tie the Spiritseer into Wraithknights by stippling Goblin Green over the Caliban Green on the staff.

Continuing my reaching.  Looked up how I did Eldrad's hands.  Apparently the hands and feet were also painted Hawk Turquoise.  All bulbs painted Caledor Sky.

Yeah, I've almost at rock bottom on the reaching.  Painted the vanes same as Wraithknight's.  Again, Shawn and Mordian7th made a great call with the stippling of lighter green and blue bulbs to tie it all together.

Further tying the Spiritseer to the Wraithknights.  Eye is Army Painter Mat White like the Wraithknights.  Hope Shawn gets a great painting score with his models having a similar theme.

Emailed Shawn and showed him the finished product.  He was pleased and surprised it was finished so quickly.  Offer to paint it for another 6 hours so it will be the most spectacular model in his army.  Also mentioned painting the craftworld symbol on the robe.  Later it was.

This model and all its detail was painted with this bent, and damned dirty if you ask me, Princeton size 0 round brush.

slainte mhath

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