Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ebay Tyranids Hive Crone part 4 a.k.a. Airbrushing Wings

I'm glad I took my time starting this model otherwise I wouldn't have remembered something I saw online sometime ago.  Specifically a set of Dark Eldar Scourges.

JJ painting, again as always giving credit where it is due.  Eye of Error, formerly LuckyNo5, is my inspiration for the wings.  You can review his How To at link: Eye of Error blog How to Airbrush Leathery Bat Like Wings.  The guy has excellent ability.  Thanks, Eye of Error.

Based Dheneb Stone.

Since the Hive Crone has a blue tone to it wanted to keep the wings as close to blue as possible while attempting to make them translucent like Eye of Error's.  The bottle on the right is mixture of 5:2 Vallejo Violet Red (made into airbrush form)/Vallejo Model Air Light Sea Blue.

Left the mixture mentioned above.

Right is same mix with one part Abaddon Black made into airbrush form.  When airbrushing a darker hue into a lighter hue you want to spray into the middle.  In this case since its a wing you want to focus the airbrush on the finger bones.  This allows you to create an appropriate fade.

Blue tint is Comart Transparent Tr Phthalo Blue.

Was a bit worried because the paint isn't designed to be used on models.  Enough distance and even coats and it provided a great blue finish for the wings to match the body.  First time airbrushing wings turned out not bad.  Something to improve for next time.

Instead of spots and veins being Vallejo Violet Red used Macragge Blue.

Used Raphael Kolinsky Sable size 0 brush.  That is the brush size I used for all the detail on this model.  When painting the veins I kept thinking 'less is more.'

Right arm and fingers highlight Lightning Blue.

Right second highlight Ice Blue

slainte mhath


  1. Looks awesome -LT

  2. Those wings turned out amazing! Great work and thanks for the shout out.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, The Eye of Error. My pleasure, you deserve it.

  3. What advice would you give to people when starting out who haven't air brushed before?

    1. Airbrushes aren't like brushes. You need to slowly build up your layers. If you thin your paints and build up multiple layers to get the colour you want, you'll find airbrushes are similar. Some paints just pull from the pot and apply the paint. Keep a fair distance from your object. If you're not using airbrush paints thin with water 1:1 ratio.


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