Friday, February 22, 2013

13.2.21 1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar

Had my first game with my Grey Knights.  Got my ass kicked.  It was a good ass-kicking too.  I'll take a few victories from this battle.  They are empty victories, but I'll take them.  Had a great time playing my new army.

This is one of the few hollow victories I had.  Can you guess the number of Assault shots the Culexus Assassin had toward Eldrad and friends?

Grabbed a bite to eat with Shawn before the game.  Heard some great stories about CON of the Norths tournament that I slept through.

As Shawn said on closing the game this is my first time using them and need to get more familiar with them.  Far cry from the first time I used Grey Knights against Daemons.  First game against Shawn was supposed to be Grey Knights vs Daemons.  It's ok.  Will get a game against his daemons eventually.  In the meantime cannot become attached an outcome.

Wore my VNV Nation polo-shirt.

Mission: Purge the Alien.  Shawn debated going with Emperor's Will.  Which is a mission I have yet to play yet.  Went with the die roll.  Deployment:  Dawn of War.

Our stage to place and remove models.

Won the roll off.  Decided to deploy and go first.  Perhaps beat Eldar to that whole alpha-strike thing.

Grey Knights deployment with ADL (Aegis Defense Line).  This line was damned helpful.  Now to paint it.

Eldar deployment.  Eldar ADL an Icarus Lascannon with his.  Don't find that an useful gun emplacement.

Shawn attempts to seize initiative.  Rolls a 6.  He's good to go.  This is going to be fun.  Nope, Eldar alpha-strike.

Top of first.  That is the reason why Bryan no longer has Rhinos in his Chaos Army.  They give up VP too easily for First Blood.  War Walkers take out one Rhino.  One Psyflemen takes a hull point from glancing of Icarus Lascannon and end of turn.  Thank you, Night Fight.

Bottom of first.  Battery of Psyflemen take down a Wraithlord.  So far so good.

Top of second.  Aegis Defense Line is extremely helpful with cover saves.  Will have to paint mine up.  Eldar Jetbikes arrive do some shooting and one Purifier is removed.  Other shooting brings a combat squad down to 3.

Bottom of second.  It is about this time an onlooker admires the game and says outloud "Wow.  I've never seen two fully-painted armies on a table before."  I fist bump Shawn.  Even mentioned to him that every model is based.  He commented on that also.  He was quite surprised at what he saw.  Psyflemen take out one Viper.  Remove Bright Lance from another.  All but one Eldar Jetbike are removed and it makes its Morale roll.

Top of third.  Eldar continue their movement inwards from the right flank.  Eventually the Wraithguard are going to be within shooting range.  Eldar shooting are slowly taking Purifiers away.  It's going to get ugly soon.

Close of H2H, hand-to-hand, bottom of third.  My second hollow victory.  Avatar is considered a daemon.  Psyk-out grenades drops him to I 1.  One of the rare occasions I will ever issue a challenge.  Crowe charges in.  Challenges Avatar.  Avatar saves against the single wound.  Avatar strikes down Crowe.  Crowe misses on his Heroic Sacrifice and I complete forgot Titan's Herald where he gets to re-roll failed to hits.  grrr.  You live, you learn, you get something.  Because of Eldrads Runes of Warding had to roll 3D6 my Psychic tests for Crowe and Nemesis Halberds.  Shawn became increasingly upset because of the 7 times wanted to make the roll only failed once.

Bottom of third.  Crowes gone.  2 VP Slay the Warlord to Eldar.  Really need to have a Librarian or Coteaz for a real Warlord.  Grey Knights strength is starting to wane.  Those War Walkers are damned good!  Next time to figure out how to get my Psyflemen to take them out.  Should've moved them over to be close that 48".  Hell they were within range just never considered it.  Too busy being distracted by the noise.  Damn it.

Top of fourth [unpictured].  War Walkers with Scatter Lasers remove yet another combat squad of Purifiers from the field.  Next time have to get the Psyflemen on those guys.  Eldar take out all but one Purifier combat squad.  It's looking ugly.  Tabling is on the menu.

Bottom of the fourth.  Pulling back Psyflemen buying themselves time from Eldrad, Warlock and four Wraithguard.  Good news that squad is finally waning.  Bad news.  Not soon enough.

Top of fifth.  Shawn says how about this be the last turn and call it.  It's getting late for him and his boys.  I agree.  He's cleaning my clock hard and my Purifier army is left wanting.  Need some more games with this list to have a better feel for it.  The only thing I didn't do was have my Psyflemen support their own squad of Purifiers.  The idea is that each 10 man Purifier squad is supported by a Psyflemen.  Basically whatever the Psycannons don't take down the Psyautocannons, autocannons with psyammunition which increases Strength from 7 to 8, finish the job.  Perhaps next time.  Really need to take down War Walkers.  One Purifier remains on the field.  At least he has a Psycannon. /cringes

Bottom of fifth.  This is where the game ends.  If it went on I could see a tabling occurring.  Removed one Wraithguard.  Love that Eldar Fortune.  Have a counter for it next time.

Lost 11-5.  Really should've been tabled or damned near it.  It wasn't looking good.

Already made my first change to this list.  Next time Eldrad is dead.

slainte mhath

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