Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Castellan "Garren 'Keeper of Anarch' " Crowe part 1

The last of my present Grey Knights army.  I already have two new versions of my Grey Knights army.

Pic from o' so long ago.

Body primed Army Painter Primer Colour Uniform Grey.

Airbrushed Light Grey Knights.

Airbrushed Vallejo Model Air White.

Power cords and armour joints Army Painter Mat Black.

Might notice one-half of Storm Bolter is based Blood Red.  Can see it better in later pics.

Damn.  The clarity of a steady pic sure pulls out the ugliness of airbrushing white.  Can see where it layers up in crud.  Damn.  If it looked that bad in person I would strip the model and start again.  Good news I have found a great way to steady my camera to avoid bounce and blurring the pic.  Kind of wish it happened here.  Ok, onto the topic.  Eyes based Lightning Blue.

Going for that GW eye effect.  First time I've ever tried it.  Highlight Ice Blue.  Hoping when I start highlighting white on the armour I can make some of that build up go away.  Kind of hard to notice when looking at the model.

Leviathan Purple wash with a dot of Army Painter Mat White in the corner.

Better view of an eye.

Ok, huge mistake made here.  See where the Ice Blue as another highlight is clumping up there, damned these are the clearest pics I've taken with this camera, that's what you get for not thinning your paints.  /hangs head in shame  Ok, onto fun.  Thin your paints.  If you don't that is how you get ants.

Finally a blurry pic, just when I don't need it.  Thanks, camera.  Standard painting as done on Purifiers.  Seals Scab Red.  Parchment, book icons and livery Ushabti Bone.  "I" on shoulder based with Scab Red then highlighted with Blood Red.  Attempting to make certain parts of this model as close to the codex one as possible.

Only worked on this guy for just over 2 hrs tonight.  Seems to be flying.  I am taking my time because I don't want to put paint over the airbrushed white, even though it looks horrible with these pics.  Thinking about thinning Vallejo Model Air White or just buying some Ceramic White and thinning like all the other paints I've done and using that.  Book cover Dark Flesh.  Book pages Dheneb Stone.  Reinforcement of armour and backpack Vallejo Brassy Brass.  Armour relief Mithril Silver.

Man I need to start working with photoshop so I can have these pics side by side.

slainte mhath

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