Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crowe's cape

A few more sessions and Crowe will be done and my Grey Knights will be ready for play.  Really want to play them.  Also want to get onto the next three models for the army.

Detail on body is done.  Seals done as before.  Leviathan Purple wash over Scab Red.  Army Painter Strong Tone, Devlin Mudd, over Ushabti Bone.  Storm Bolter bits Chainmail, Ironbreaker.  Book has Vermin Brown highlight with Balor Brown as second highlight.  Book washed Strong Tone.  Really blended the leather cover together.  Quite impressed.  Devlin Mudd over all brass.  Relief painted same.  Strong Tone over Mithril Silver with parts washed Gryphonne Sepia.

After cape, banner and sword are done I'll hit the body with white to get it up to the Purifier alabaster I want.  Can see the Army Painter Mat White on the Storm Bolter how it contrasts with the airbrushed "white" armour.  Helps me to know  what to do next time airbrushing white.

Cape time.  Based Liche Purple.

First highlight 5:1 Liche Purple to Enchanted Blue.  Only achieved this colour after A Lot of mixing and making mistakes to get the purplish-blue I was looking for.

Same mix but with 1 part Ice Blue added.  Used size 0 Sabel Raphael Kolinsky brush.  Damn I love those brushes.

Same mix with 1 more part of Ice Blue added.  This time using some art techniques.  Cross-hatched this mix.  Figured light might catch some of the cross fibers.  Will be using this cross-hatching technique in the future.

Was terribly afraid of this moment.  Remember modelling buddy Brian's words "It's easier to add more paint than take it away."  Wasn't quite pleased with the previous colour.  Yet the next colour could be too much.  Risked and success!  Perfect!  Used the cross-hatching tech again and built up the highlight to exactly what I want.  Gives definition where there is none.  The part of the cape that looks like there's a recessed folds but it really aren't there.  You can catch that in the first pic.

Often unsung and under-appreciated hero when I'm painting models.  Mixed the colours with my wet pallet.  Thank you, wet pallet.  Thanks, David, for turning me on to it.

Previous Crowe part 1

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day, Love.

slainte mhath


  1. Duh! Sorry, I can be a little slow sometimes. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day too. Thank you for spending your birthday with me!! /kisses


    P.S. Your birthday cake is delicious.

    1. Had a great day yesterday. Thank you.

      Hopefully the cake had extra frosting.


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