Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eldar Wraithguard round 2 completed

When Shawn handed these to me 29th Jan.  He asked if I could get them done by next months Tournament.  I said yeah that will be easy.  He then reminded me we have signed up for CON of the North's tournament Feb 17th.  Was a little panicked because each hour painting something else is one less hour painting my Grey Knights.  I refuse to play with an unpainted army.  Guess I'm a snob that way.

I appreciate how austere GW special order boxes are.

I've been "sneak" doing these guys.  Decided to put one hour a day into paint them while focusing the majourity of my time on my Grey Knights.  Instead of putting up little pics here and there I would make one post that goes from beginning to end.

Figure if I spend one hour a day working on these I can get them done by the tournament.  Really doesn't matter if I spend one hour a day or do them all at one time it will be the same amount of time.  The silly way we mortals attempt to delude ourselves.

So far looking really good.

Wraithcannons are mostly bent pointing back at the neck and barrel.

These F-cast really tested my patience.  F does not stand for Fine.  Will GW please move to plastic soon!  Don't know what's the hold up.

Getting the Abaddon Black where I want it is a little tedious.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Abaddon Black for Wraithcannons and flex joints.  Putting down black takes a surprising amount of time to do.  Well I am being careful as to know slop the paint all over the model.

Array and cowl Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Pic to remind myself how I painted this part of the model for future references.

Armour plates and loin cloths Reaper painter Surf Aqua.

I'm going to start including "blooper pics" in my posts.  Was so excited to be in the last stretch with these guys wasn't til all the heads were Hawk Turquoise that I noticed the back right one didn't get Surf Aqua.

Ah, there all better.

Bulbs Caledor Sky.  One more session and these guys are done.

All bulbs are Caledor Sky.   Time for Shawn's Craftworld symbol, basing then matting.  Close to being done.

Craftworld symbol Caliban Green.

Flocked and ready to be sealed.

Wasn't til after they received Armour Primer Matte Sealer that I noticed the middle didn't have the bulbs on its right arm painted.  Corrected.

slainte mhath


  1. Can't you dip them in hot water or something to straighten the bent stuff out?

    1. Haven't found hot water to be that effective. Was tempted to cut or break them and pin them into the correct position.


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