Monday, February 4, 2013

Grey Knights Rhinos part 4

Only four models left for my Grey Knights army.

Tried painting white with the brush on the 15th.  Was afraid this would happen because its white and wasn't thinned.  Then thought about airbrushing it.

Airbrushed Dark Grey Knights Grey.  Not really the grey I wanted.

Airbrushed Light Grey Knights Grey.  Can kind of seen how its lighter at the top.

Different Rhino to see if it looks any different.

Side by side.  Light Grey Knights Grey left and Dark Grey Knights Grey right.

Not very pleased with the difference between of the greys.

Time to airbrush the top doors.

Looks damn smooth.

Now finally getting the difference between greys.  After darkening the Dark Grey Knights Grey with Army Painter Mat Black and spraying upwards at a 45 degrees from the bottom.  Also another downward 45 degrees with Vallejo Model Air White getting the grey I'm looking for.

This is the grey I'm looking for.  This is the standard grey I'll be hitting my all Grey Knights with.  I think it looks damned solid.  psst loving my airbrush.

Really liked the red and white jigsaw on Grey Knights vehicles.  Wanted to do it for mine but wasn't what pattern. Then saw this design on a Grey Knights vehicle online or in a game book and went with it.  Since my Purifiers will be combat squaded also wanted to mark which Rhino they would go in.  It occurred to me to paint the other half of the jigsaw like the troops.  Except for one I will have to fix think it turned out pretty well.  From left to right.  Army Painter Mat White, Enchanted Blue and Warpstone Glow.

Dhened Stone, Storm Blue and Caliban Green.

Accenting the little boxes on the armour with Evil Suns Red.

Leadbelcher for metal bits.

slainte mhath

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