Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grey Knights Rhinos completed

Finally done with these guys.  Been painting them over the last several days.  Didn't feel there was any appreciable development so didn't post anything.  Went with that whole quality-over-quantity thing

Metal headlight cage Leadbelcher, Boltgun Metal.  Head lights Flash Gitz Yellow.  Little lights Enchanted Blue.

Time to paint hazard markings again.  Great thing about posting WIP on a blog is you can go back and see exactly what you did instead of remembering or starting over from scratch.

1cm marks with centre line.

Each edge will be connected to the centre mark above it.

After A Lot, q.v. pointless, of work Army Painter Mat Black is the first colour laid down.

Originally had a different idea then decided to go with black over yellow.

These hazard markings turned out horrible.  Worst I've ever done.

Skipping right past the markings.  Interior frame is Adeptus Battlegrey.  Door based Leadbelcher washed Army Painter Dark Tone.  Lights and buttons.  Goblin Green, Regal Blue, Scorpion Green, Ice Blue and Red Gore.

Same colours for interior console.

Purity seals done like before.  Ubshabti Bone, Scab Red, tech pen, Army Painter Strong Tone and Leviathan Purple wash.

Getting to this part means I'm So close to finishing.  Decided to paint past midnight.  That's the time I stop on Sat and enjoy dvd, beer and pizza at that time.

One of three done.  Tracks Abaddon Black with Leadbelcher drybrushed over.

Airbrushed Abaddon Black out of vents and around exhausts.  Will probably hit it again to blacken the bottom of the vents.  Can see they remain grey.

At some point will add some weathering.  Chip paint.  Mud.  Grime.  Want to complete the army first.  Then do display board before weathering.

Two of three.  Storm Bolter based Adeptus Battlegrey.  Will most likely highlight it after done with display board.

Three of three.

Now time for Crowe.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


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