Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dueling Banjos, err Librarians part 1

Next part of my Grey Knights army.  Dual Librarians as HQs.  Will need to get two more boxes of Grey Knights for standard Strike Squads.  40k buddy Connor said there are cheaper psykers for Divination powers than Librarians.  Will look into that.

Starting with bases same as before.

Since I wasn't "officially" tabled for my first game and this guy lived he's the first Purifier to receive bling.  My plan is to add a purity seal or some other assortment to each Purifier that survives a battle.  Effectively making them look something like those illustrations of Grey Knights that have seen many battles.

Dark Angels Librarian Tumiel's body.  Going cut off the hand and use it on one of the Grey Knights Librarians.

Using a 3rd ed Grey Knight Terminator to get an idea where the helmet goes on the Librarian.  I'm not a fan of models without helmets.  All of my models have helmets.  Need to take the face out and put a helmet in.  This was quite the learning experience.

1 of 2.  Looking good.

Need to do some shaving to so it will fit inside the psychic hood.

Helmet is a little cocked.  Think it looks good.

Learned a lot from the first one.  Drill smaller holes around the face then use larger drill.

Nice.  Has to be a more efficient way to do that.

Excellent! Second looks far better than first.  Plus its looking in the direction I wanted.

slainte mhath

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