Thursday, February 28, 2013

Airbrushing 101: Random Airbrushing Tips

Since I'm learning the airbrush as I go I want to share what I've learned and mistakes made in hopes others don't do the same.  As I tell those whom I play 40k with "Learning is painful."  Frankly I believe it's the best way to learn.  Hope none of you make these mistakes.

Top of the order is to ignore someone who has more airbrushing experience.  40k buddy Wade told me months ago "Seal before applying tape.  So tape doesn't pull paint off."  I didn't seal. /sad panda

What do you seal airbrushed models with?  Airbrush modellers suggest this.  Used this to seal Ebay Deathwing Land Rainder.  Picked this up at Hub Hobby.  Should be available at hobby stores.

Don't fully tape off the area you're airbrushing.  See that thin red line?  Yep.  Taped off the areas around the door but not between the door and the body.

Remember to seal after airbrushing to avoid lifting the paint off with tape.

Again blue tape can pull airbrushed paint off a surface if it isn't sealed.  Airbrush paint is very thin and doesn't hold well on a surface.

Picked this one up from Les at Awesome Paint Job dot com.  When highlighting with an airbrush first start airbrushing a surface near the model then move to the part of the model intending to highlight.  In this case sprayed index finger then moved airbrush to Crowe's right foot.

LT has solid advice.  Use a spray box to catch excess.  Also great way to practice your airbrushing when you have extra paint in the cup.

When making Citadel paints into airbrush versions you can put windex in the paint pot.  The point is to get as much of the paint out of the pot as possible.  After all you're buying 12ml of paint for 3.79$  Get the most paint for your money.  Four sprays of windex into the pot is all you'll need.

Shake to mix paint and windex.  Once you notice the paint pulling from pot then you can pour it into the boston bottle.

Possibly most important Airbrush 101 tip in this post.  When cleaning your airbrush don't think because you've cleaned it 10 times you know what you are doing.  Completely remove the needle choke so you when you put the needle back in the gun.  Don't go by feel and end up dropping your airbrush.  Which leads to the needle nozzle (left) being smashed shut.  Second important tip don't believe for a second the other airbrushes you received from your amazon order has the same needle nozzle.  This causes the airbrush to spit and paint to bubble in paint cup.

slainte mhath


  1. Question: windex is blue how do you avoid tinting your paint?

    1. Zab, great question. Never even considered it. Golden Medium is white in colour and Les from Awesome Paint Job uses it. Really haven't noticed a tint. Even with the white. Let me look at the white and get back to you.

    2. It may be so diluted that the blue tint doesn't matter but I always wondered.

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