Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Mask off a Model for Airbrushing

Say you've seen an awesome video about how to airbrush power weapons.  You want to do the same but the model is already assembled.  You don't want to airbrush paint over your model or its fancy base.  Tried three different ways to mask off my Purifiers while airbrushing the halberds.

Much like roshambo except blue tape, saran wrap, zip lock bag.

As always giving credit where it is due.  Saw the tape wrap used by Les at Awesome Paint dot com.

While thinking how to avoid over-spray from getting on the model when airbrushing the halberds it occurred to me, ziplock baggies.  Shortly after I saw Les's video where he used blue tape.  Thought neither baggies or blue tape would provide a secure seal then thought of saran wrap.  FYI: It can be used for other things besides wrapping someone head to toe.

Saran wrap and bags.  Didn't spend money on brand name.  Figured bags will be ruined so price ddidn't matter.

With modelling knife cut a little hole in the bag.

Modell is placed inside bag and pushed halberd blade through.  Now model should be protected from over-spray.

Make sure that the blade actually tears the plastic.  This creates a seal around the blade.  Won't need to use poster tac to stop spray from your airbrush going into the bag.

Blue Tape can be effective.  You'll be wrapping the model a lot.  Which can be tedious to put on and take off.  Saran wrap which I thought was going to be really helpful wasn't.  Perhaps it was how the it bundled up under the base that I didn't find appealing.  Plastic baggie I found most helpful of the bunch.  Least amount of work and easy to undo.

slainte mhath


  1. Hmmm...so in the end, it looks like Saran wrap is still best used for wrapping people head to toe. Isn't that exactly what you were going to use it for? Albeit for different purposes. It always was a pain to apply but the results I got with it were incredible.


  2. Get use to your airbrush and how it flows you won't have that problem. + I'll show you a trick next time i see you -LT


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