Friday, February 15, 2013

Crowe's Banner

One more part.  The sword and Crowe will be done.

Based Scab Red.

There was a part tonight that I said "F it! I so done with this guy!"  I did not listen to that voice and continued my work.  Patience now will pay in dividends later.

1:1 Scab Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet

1:2 Scab Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet

1:3 Scab Red and Evil Sunz Scarle

Added some Scab Red into the recesses.

1:3:1 Scab Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Blazing Orange.

Blazing Orange highlight.
Auric Armour Gold for trim and Dhened Stone for detail.

Army Painter Mat White to highlight detail

Vallejo Brassy Brass for recess of trim.  Tech pen writing middle name.

Previous part Crowe's cape

slainte mhath

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