Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Rebase

Finally get to use my Assassins.  I've had these guys for a long time.  Since I first started 40k back in 91 and bought the new ones when they came out.  They had different rules for allies in the early days of 40k.  Assassins could be purchased for some armies not all.  Dark Angels were the only Imperial army they could not be purchased with.

Originally based with grey ballast.  That's how all my models were based so long ago.

First problem.  How do you remove the model from the base without bending the model or breaking it at the ankles.  Needle nose pliers.  Grab the back side of the base and bend down being very careful of the models position.  The Slotta-base is quite helpful here.

He's free.  After some cleaning time to pin one or both feet.

Pinned just one foot.  Should be fine.  /crosses fingers

Looking good.  Those tabi shoes are always in season.

That's one thing I've always loved about GW.  Their stamp and date model was made.

Little more clear.  Both Eversor and Vindicator were stamped 1995.  Callidus and Culexus 1997.

Second problem.  Callidus is standing on her tip toe.  Pinning would be terribly difficult.  Decided not to cut off the slotta-stem.  Would use it for this base.  Had to cut into the mesh so it would fit.  Worked out much easier than I thought.

Hit Imperial Assassins base with Army Painter Strong Tone/Devlin Mud to match it like the others.  When Callidus is super glued to the base will add power cords and paint base.

slainte mhath

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