Friday, February 22, 2013

Editions, Editions, Editions.

Not that long ago was talking with a fellow 40k'er about commissions, gaming and tournaments.  During the conversation he brought up that feeling many of us have had.  Specifically he mentioned how he's not putting anymore energy into 40k because of the new edition and the money involved.

We've all felt this.  Some of us can't hack it and move on.  Others bend over and take it.  Others smile while handing over their cash.  How one deals with this is really what matters.

Ultimately the game is your hobby.  What you do with your hobby is your choice.  Getting books online is becoming more popular.  Guess I've drank the coolaid too long to not want the book in my grubby little paws.

I support local stores as much as I buy online.  40k will no doubt get to 10th edition.  Probably won't be for another 20 years.  Perhaps I'll still be heavily interested in the hobby by then with three more armies.  As of right now I'm at one army per edition.  My seventh is done.  With collecting my eighth right around the corner.

Guess the point to this post isn't about being a harbinger of future editions and money it will cost.  It's nostalgia.  When listening to my 40k buddy go on about the multiple editions and cost to keep up he reminded me of myself.  The words he said about multiple editions and cost of models echoed my sentiments years earlier.  Still remember flipping out when I heard about Third edition.  Was not nearly as upset when fourth came out.  Fifth was used to it at that point.

There will be ups and downs regarding editions turning people off to 40k.  Example: a buddy of mine plans to skip this edition because it has chariots.  He says he'll come back when they get rid of chariots.  We will lose people who don't want to keep up with new corebook and new codex or even  new models.  Otherside of the coin is we will gain new gamers.  Players who will challenge us in different ways.  Example is a new, rather returning, player to the game.  Someone I've played a couple of times, and want to play against more often, is Matt.  He brings a lot to the game.  His vigour and youth rejuvinates me.

Guess at some point I'll be playing this game long enough that I'll either be viewed as some sort of wise hermit from the mountain or cranky olde man yelling at new players to get off his lawn.  Personally I'm hoping for neither.  Become more mellow, take myself and the game less seriously and continue to put fantastic models on the table.  Or as Suijin said recently "You'll be 80 years olde putting fantastically painted models on the table."

slainte mhath


  1. Great post! I bought the latest edition and haven't played. It seems to be either love it or hate it on this one. Realistically? I don't play any more. I've stopped collecting armies and I'm slowly becoming a display cabinet painter. Which is weird because I love the DA, but the only model I want from the new range is the fighter - and I still haven't bought it. I'm also expanding into minis from other companies because GW sculpts have been "meh" lately in my opinion. Will that all change? Yep. It's all subjective and very ephemeral this hobby of ours :)

    1. Thanks, Zab. I'm actually neutral on 6th. Don't find it better or worst than 5th. Perhaps the many editions has stolen the awe from me. Also love the DA flyer! Will get it someday.

      Complete agree with your closing sentence. 40k is all subjective and very ephemeral. Nicely said. Kudos.

  2. It really is tough with so many choices out there... 40K has a lot of players, so it can be easier to find a game and it is very supported, so there is always something new on the horizon. It isn't the best game if you want realism, it isn't the best game if you want tactics and heroics, but it is a game that brings a lot to the table, and as long as you accept it as such, you should be okay. There are also ways to keep costs down, both by smart shopping and by not having to build 3000 pt armies every time a new codex comes out. Or sell your older models to finance your new ones. Or only buy 2nd hand models and take the time to repair and paint them to save yourself the cash. Again, it is a hobby, so treat it as such, don't blow your rent money on it, and if you don't enjoy it, keep looking for a game or hobby that you do!!!

    1. JAHATCH28, great point. That is one thing everyone at the FLGS, favourite local gaming store, the number of table top games. Malfauix, Warmachine, Dust Tactics, Star Wars, ect.

      Also excellent point regarding what I call army-hoping. If you're not using an army and don't plan to, use it for the next one. A lot of players do this.

      Kudos to you also for your best point "Again, it is a hobby, so treat it as such, don't blow your rent money on it, and if you don't enjoy it, keep looking for a game or hobby that you do!!!"


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