Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grey Knights Rhinos part 6

Curious if I'll be done with these guys by the time I get to part 10.  I Really want to start painting Crowe.  Most of the big work will be done with my airbrush.  That will be mega-fun.

Laurel Warpstone Glow.  Figured since I was doing detail I would keep the pics to just them so it's easier to see.

Army Painter Strong Tone, Devlin Mud, left.  Unwashed right.

Green Glaze left.  Unglazed right.

Gryphonne Sepia over certain parts.  Same tech I used for Grey Knights Purifiers relief and Psyflemen sarcophagus.  Really like that effect.  Makes it pop in certain parts.

Laural gem seats Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Thought about doing red, blue for gems.  Wasn't sure.  Decided to stay in the same hue on the colour wheel.  Scorpion Green for gems.

This is something that occurred to me last night.  Looks much better than I thought.  Cross of the "I" has Army Painter Mat Black for top and bottom bar.  Army Painter Mat White for middle bar.  Feels it breaks up the warm, soft earth tone nicely.

Mithril Silver for bottom plate.

Army Painter Strong Tone, Devlin Mud, washed over door.

Finally have the chance to show the process of just adding a few streaks of Gryphonne Sepia to see how it turns out.  Wash is still wet.

Can see how the wash dried.  There's a soft golden/earth hue which help breaks up the mute Strong Tone.

This is where things get super fancy.  Used the same tech above.  Mat Black on top and bottom with Mat White in the middle.  Except these bars have a thin raised line on them.  Pulled a yin/yang thing.  Thin black line over white and thin white line over black.  Imagine it's too subtle to see here.

Liberal Strong Tone wash.

Again softening up the Strong Tone with Gryphonne Sepia.

Same as above.  Strong Tone wash.

Little streaks here of Gryphonne Sepia to soften some of the design.

Army painter Dark Tone, Badab Black, over metal bits on left.  Sans right.

Ok, erasers don't like removing pencil off paint.  Wasn't sure how to get rid of that unsightly pencil line except for stippling grey over it.  Then it occurred to me.  Paint them like the shoulder and shield from the Psyflemen.  Which also match the left half of the Purifiers ranged weapons.

slainte mhath

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