Sunday, February 24, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Battlefield Debris, Charging with Move Through Cover and Consolidation [Update^2]

Here are a couple of rules from Thurs nights game.

Battlefield Debris: The Basics 40k6 pg 104

Unless otherwise noted, battlefield debris is difficult terrain, though elements of other types of terrain may also apply

Context: Avatar assaulted Purifier combat squad had to hurdle the Aegis Defense Line (ADL).  Since Avatar is a Monstrous Creature he wasn't affected by difficult terrain.  This rule is mentioned because it reminded me that ADLs trigger difficult terrain checks.

[Update 14:56]

Shadowcl4w asked about the Avatar rolling 3D6 for charge through Difficult Terrain with it having Move Through Cover.  This was covered in yesterdays Rules of the Game post.  Here it is for those wanting that instant gratification.

Move Through Cover 40k6 pg 40

The Move Through Cover special rule has no effect on charge range rolls or Impact tests (see page 93).

Context: Shawn wanted to confirm that since Avatar was a Monstrous Creature and would roll 3D6 when moving through difficult terrain.  Also wanted to see if it affected charging as well.  It does not.

[Update 19:02]

Shadowcl4w brought an excellent point.  Something didn't even consider regarding Monstrous Creatures and Charging through difficult terrain.

Charging Through Difficult Terrain 40k6 pg 22

However, to represent the uneven pace of a charge, the unit rolls 3D6, rather than 2D6, and use the two lowest as its charge result.

Context: Avatar should've rolled 3D6 and used lowest two instead of rolling 2D6 believing Move Through Cover affects random charge distance.  It does not.  Monstrous Creatures still roll 3D6 and use lowest two.  Something to remember for next time.  Thanks, Shadowcl4w!

Consolidation 40k6 pg 27

Units making a Consolidation move are not slowed by difficult terrain but do trigger Dangerous Terrain tests where appropriate.

Context:  Eldrad and friends made a consolidation roll after taking a combat squad of Purifiers.  Even though the squad was split by an ADL they did not have to make a difficult terrain test.

slainte mhath


  1. I really like those posts about rules :) It's good to be reminded of the them from time to time.

    But on the first one m8... Mc's get move through cover, so they get 3 dice for moving through difficult terrain and always pass dangerous terrain tests, but how comes he ignores it ? When he assaults your unit behind the ADL he has to roll 3 dices and has to ignore the highest one. Or am I completly off here ?

    1. Thanks, Shadowcl4w. Yeah, that was covered in yesterdays Rules of the Game post. The 3D6 doesn't count when rolling for Charge or Impact tests 40k6 pg 40. Used the same information from yesterdays post and updated this one for those who don't want to click on another link.

  2. @ a Sent One,

    I read your post, but that's not what I mean - but long story short - we agree on the same thing in the end ^^

    I meant that when he charges your unit behind the ADL he has to use 3 dice instead of 2 because for charging through difficult terrain, he then has to ignore the highest role.

    1. Wait a second. If I'm understanding you correctly you're saying that Move Through Cover doesn't change how something charges through cover? hmm. Will do some reading.


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