Thursday, November 29, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Overwatch, Stealth/Shrouded and Multiple Assault

Seemed the learning never stopped during the GT.  As it should.

Overwatch 40k6 pg 21

Roll Charge Range
Once all Overwatch shots have been resolved, the controller of the charging unit rolls to determine his units charge distance.

Context: During game 4.  Ryan educated me about Overwatch.  Was assaulting the Defiler with Scarabs.

Side comment: Considering the sentence, this is a bit scary.  Once you've declared your charge the unit being assaulted gets effectively free shots at you.  If you don't make your distance you've given them a free round of shooting.  40k6 pg 21: As soon as a charge has been declared against one of your units, that unit can immediately fire Overwatch at the would-be attacker-- it doesn't have to, but it's often a good idea.  This makes me want to be certain about making that charge distance before declaring charge.  Yeah, they only hit on a 6.  Still it's a free shooting attack with no guarantee that your RCD, random charge distance, will be successful.

Stealth and Shrouded vs Imotekh's Lightning  Necron Errata v1.1 pg 5

Q: Do units hit by lightning as a result of Imotekh's Lord of the Storm special rule benefit from the Stealth or Shrouded special rules due to Night Fighting? (p55).
A: No

Context: During game 5 Chaos Daemons wanted to know if they would get Stealth or Shrouded due to range if Horrors went to ground on objective for a better save.  The lightning doesn't come from Imotekh so you don't measure from him regarding range.

Multiple Combats; Assault Results 40k6 pg 28

After determining assault results all units that were involved in that multiple combat must make Pile In moves towards enemies that fought in that combat.

Context:  During game 5.  C'tan was in multiple combat with Scarabs, Blood Crushers and Daemonettes.  After C'tan wiped out Daemonettes I wondered if the C'tan Piled In to Blood Crushers or if it would consolidate.

slainte mhath


  1. Perhaps I'm understanding the context wrong for the stealth and shrouded vs lightning rule, but here's my 2 cents. Going to ground gives you one better cover save. Stealth gives you one better cover save. But the rules for going to ground say nothing about 'gaining stealth'. So, as I read it, the daemons should've still gotten a better cover save for going to ground. Or am I missing something?

    1. It's my fault for not being clear. Hopefully something I've cleared up with reposting.

      Night Fight was in effect. This was regarding Imotekh's lightning and range. Shrouded would've increased going to ground to 3+ instead of 5+.

  2. Being Fearless they shouldn't have been able to go to ground anyways...

    1. Doh! Great point. Missed that completely. Great catch, Sons.


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