Sunday, November 4, 2012

Necrons Crypteks part 4

Finally had some time to put some paint to model.  Only have a few more days of painting til FOYCON's GT.  Would focus on the three that I need.  Figure the other two won't slow me down that much.

Highlight Chainmail over Boltgun Metal.

Chronotek's staff Ice Blue.  Others Scorpion Green.

Wash time.  Purple Wash over Ice Blue.  Green Glaze over Scorpion Green.

Second wash of Green Glaze.

Watered down Boltgun Metal for mouths.

Also on spine.

Badab Black, Army Painter Dark Tone, wash over watered down Boltgun Metal.

Loin cloth Blood Red.  Figured since Orikan and Crypteks are so similar in design the Necrons iteration might have kept it the same colour.

Purple Wash over Blood Red.

Waist bling Brassy Brass.

Cords and eye on hand Goblin Green.

slainte mhath

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