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12.11.20 1850 Necrons vs Eldar

Pretty fun game Wed evening.  Shawn asked me which he should use.  The left or right case.  I chose left.  Which is what I was looking forward to.  Eldar.  He brought Chaos Daemons and Eldar.  Wasn't sure which he wanted to use.  Perhaps Chaos Daemons.  Eldar it was.

At the centre of this moshpit is the Avatar of Khaine.  One of many models I want my Scarabs to face.  I'm quickly running out of models on that list.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight.  Been awhile since I've rolled some bones with him.  Think he needed to blow off some steam and relax with a game.  His dice had a different idea all together.

Wore my utilikilt and new Red Permenant Skin Art t-shirt.

We did alternating terrain.  I prefer this terrain set up.  Mission: Purge the Alien.  Ah, good olde fashion annihilation.  Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.  This is helpful for my plan to face his Eldar.

Shawn won roll off decided to deploy and go first.

Eldar deployment.  It's a strong deployment.  It was a frighteningly strong deployment.  Both flanks covered by Wraithlords.  Middle Avatar and entourage.  Immediately behind 3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers.  Had to change my deployment to counter this.  Wave Serpent chilling in the background ready to provide firing support.  Opposite Quad-gun also for firing support.  Very balanced with some heavy punching into the middle, which can also take care of their respective sides.  Damn its a very well balanced and scary deployment.  Kudos, Shawn.

Necron deployment.  A lot in hiding and out of range.  Thank you, Night Fighting.  Scarabs deployed out of sight from Quad-gun.  Don't need double Toughness weapons shooting into my farm.  Wraiths also placed far back outside of 36" don't need any Scatter Laser chewing them up.  I've seen that movie and to ruin the ending.  I have two Wraiths to do something with.  Not fun.

Imotehk seizes initiative.

Eldrad repositions the War Walkers to be in line with my Wraith flank.   Not fun.  Top of first.  Generate Scarabs.   Keep Scarabs within the 36" even after Eldar move.  Thank you, pre-measuring.  Pull Wraiths back to also avoid the incoming shooting.  Shawn mentions that.  I tell him that's my plan.  Imotehk's lightning is something else in this turn.  Six rangers are removed from the centre piece of terrain.  That makes me a little happy.  Don't need a lot of poison shooting coming from them.  Imotehk's lightning also earned itself that new pair of shoes it was eyeballing.  Six comes up for War Walkers.  All War Walkers are wrecked or destroyed.  Whew!  Shawn says "I may end up conceding bottom of two."

Bottom of first.  Eldrad takes a wound from moving due to the wonder twins.  Eldar move up steady.  No shooting this turn because of Night Fighting.  Shawn talks about his War Walkers and says that he has seen me go through entire games without getting any lightning so that was bound to happen.

Top of second.  Generate more Scarabs.  Spyders are collecting wounds like they're pokemon cards.  No lightning.  Plan comes to fruition.  Scarabs infront of line.  Going to assault Avatar and entourage with the farm.  That will be fun.  It will be a war of attrition.  Wraiths and C'tan take it slow.  As Shawn said that I'm running the C'tan with Wraiths.  Confirmed that by saying I've learned if he goes off on his own he dies quick so now I run him with the Wraiths.

Bottom of second.  Eldar shoot into metal Wraiths.  Lose three.  Loving that the Quad-gun can't shoot.

Close up of top of third H2H, hand-to-hand.  One hundred five attacks at squad.  Some 35 hits.  Six wounds.  Avatar takes one wound and loses his armour save.  Makes the rest of his invul saves.

Top of third.  Storm clears.  Night fight gone along with lightning.  Chronometron had be roll a 2 to replace the first 2.  Generate Scarabs.  More wounds to Spyders.  This is disheartening.  I think they are going to kill themselves before Eldar can do it.  Placed three Wraiths infront of the far Wraithlord.  Baiting him to take the squad out.  Some shooting from Immortals takes out one Ranger.

Bottom of third.  Two jetbikes come in from reserves.  They chill in back of the field for the rest of the game.  Eldar continue forward.  Lose several more bases to Avatar.  Wraithlord takes out the two Wraiths.  First blood Eldar.  Eldar 2 VP, First blood and destroying Wraith unit.  Wave Serpent and Dire Avengers take out three Wraiths.  Shawn's also starting to focus on the Spyders.  I tell him he can take out any squad but if he messes with my Spyders it will mean war.  Terribly surprised Wraithlord(s) didn't jump in on the Scarab assault.

Close up of H2H top of fourth.  Eldar take a huge hit.  The attrition is going better than expected.  Avatar falls.  Slay the Warlord goes to Necrons.  Necrons 2 VP.  Next two wounds go unsaved.  Shawn's dice are beginning to seriously turn against him.  Eldrad saves the remaining wounds.

Top of fourth.  Hammer of wrath from C'tan does nothing.  Wraiths couldn't affect Wraithlord.  Actually still could.  Thought because the rending doesn't apply that they couldn't wound.  Still could wound on a 6 and Wraithlord would get to save.  Spyders do a wound with hammer of wrath to near Wraithlord.  Two Immortal squads shoot at Wave Serpent.  Four 6's from Gauss weapons later its wrecked.  Necrons 3 VP.

Close of H2H bottom of fourth.  C'tan gives to wounds to Wraithlord.  Really appreciating that Smash special rule for Monstrous Creatures.  Dire Avengers assault the C'tan.  After Shawn rolls to hit and asks Toughness he realizes that they can't hurt the C'tan.  Which I issue the olde cliche "Paybacks a bitch."  Referring to my Scarabs and his Wraithlord about 5 weeks earlier.  Shawn is disappointed with himself.

Close up of H2H bottom of fourth.  Eldrad is a champ and takes all the wounds for the Wraithguard.  He dies so the little robot can live a little longer.

Close up of H2H bottom of fourth.  Spyders do a wound to the Wraithlord.

Bottom of fourth.  Eldar lose left flank as Spyders finish Wraithlord.  Necrons 4 VP.

Top of fifth.  Eldar right flank folds as the C'tan takes the last wound from the Wraithlord.  Necrons 5 VP.  Scarabs remove Wraithguard.  6 VP.  Eldar front is done.

After top of fifth Shawn calls it.  His dice are against him and the middle completely collapsed.  Think the loss of his War Walkers along with the Avatar being tied up for two turns really got under his skin.

Win Necrons.

Felt using the Spyders was terribly advantageous.  Think I will put them to more use in the future.  Will have Scarabs assault Avatar and entourage more in the future.  Really need to move Imotehk more forward so when his lightning fails can uses his other shooting.

slainte mhath

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