Thursday, November 29, 2012

12.11.11 FOYCON 1850 Fires of Battle day 2 1 Lose/1 Win

Grand Tournament wasn't turning out as I expected.  Figured I'd win my first game.  Lose my second.  Win third.  Win or Lose fourth and lose fifth.  First two games were against Tyranids which completely ignore wonder-twins.  First game was going to crush me if there was more time.  Second game also lost.  Third game I won because of Night Fight.  That Doomsday Ark would've been bad.  After an excellent Sat evening with Bryan it was time to wake damned early again for the last two games of the GT.  I figured it was all down hill from here.

Pulled the list I told Connor the night before I would never get.  Connor was hell-bent on Helldrakes meeting my Scarab army.  Told him the number of people that I play that have Chaos Space Marines are not going to be using Helldrakes.  Well here's egg on my face.  This guy has two.  /sigh  He wins roll off and decides to deploy and go second.

Night Fight is in effect so I pull everything back to get outside that 36"+movement shooting range.  Thank you, premeasuring 6th ed.  I'm calling it now they are getting rid of premeasuring in 7th.  Mark it, 25 Nov 12.  Something amazing does happen.  Imotekh's lightning goes off exploding a Vindicator tank.  I saw this little barrel poking out of the wall and knew that was bad.  Especially since a Land Raider was flanking its unprotected side.

The Chaos Player Ryan is damned good.  He has 20 squad strong Chaos Cultist making a move for the centre objective.  Another squad is moving around terrain taking its time to get to two objectives, can only claim one, in the foreground.  Both Wraith squads move behind far barrel staying out of LOS, Line of Sight, to avoid taking casualties.   C'tan is right behind them.

Both Helldrakes come on the table.  I'm very afraid for my Scarabs.  Ryan says "I don't want to shoot at Scarabs it's worthless."  I wipe heavy beads of sweat from my brow.  He does have two nicely commission painted Helldrakes.  Unlike many things they look better in person than in pictures.

Scarabs are looking forward to remove yet another target off their list of things to munch on.  Aiming them at the Defiler.  Wraiths take out Land Raider.  Ryan does a great job haring me.  The confusion doesn't set in.  I keep on task with Wraiths.  Lightning does a number on a Chaos Space Marine squad.  Lightning strikes three times on that squad eliminating it from the board.

Scarabs assault Defiler.  Defiler overwatches and takes out a base.  Enough bases reduce its armour value to 0.  Love that low rear armour and Entropic Strike ability.  It was about this time Ryan said "My dice are apparently tired."  This made me laugh.  His dice decided to start rolling low.

C'tan has a new target.  It takes a wound.  Assault almost 20 Chaos Cultists.  They can't hurt it.  I suggest to have him roll a "Our Weapons Are Useless 40k6 pg26."  He takes it.  Roll Sweeping Advance and C'tan destroys 17 Cultists.  I'll admit that was pretty awesome.

Moving Necrons around it wasn't looking good for Chaos Space Marines.  Win 15-5 Necrons.  After game was done Connor came up and asked about the game.  Then asked Ryan about the Helldrakes.  Ryan said he didn't shoot at Scarabs.  Connor was more than little bothered.  Ryan told Connor he has autocannons not flamers.  Connor was very bothered when hearing that.

Admitted had the least amount of fun with my last opponent.  He's a good person.  Player, no comment.  At least he had a printed list.  I'll end it there.  Keeping it professional.

City scape was great for his Chaos Daemons.  He had an awesome custome commission Skarbrand.  His Lord of Change was well used.  Great bases for the army.  Grabbed objectives fast.  Knew his tactics.  Kudos on that.

City scape also helped with Scarab farm.  Ended up in a multi-turn assault with Bloodcrushers and Daemonettes.  C'tan decided to help out.  Which was useful, for once.

Chaos Daemon held their right flank.  Cutting down Wraith after Wraith.

Ended up taking Skarbrand down with Wraiths.  Thanks, Skarbrand.  Lord of Change provided a challenge.  Probably would've take it out as well.  But time.  I need to speed my play time up.  As Connor said "You're not the slowest player.  Nor are you the fastest player."  Will have to get some pointers.  Have any idea how to make oneself a faster player?  Lose 18-5 Chaos Daemons.

Will say the weekend was fun.  Glad Bryan convinced me to go.  Now I have to go to a larger GT.

One of the best things about the weekend is that Bryan and I drank free at The Pub, Metropolis's bar, both nights.  Bartender Friday night said she messed up my drink and said our drinks were on the house.  Sat night my beverages and Bryan's drink was not on the tab.  Not sure why.  I appreciated and tipped heavily.

slainte mhath

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