Thursday, November 8, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Cover, Wound Allocation, Force weapon, Daemon weapon

Picked up a few things and covered another rule during the battle last Mon

Cover 40k6 pg 18 Determining Cover Saves

If, when you come to allocate a Wound, the target model's body (as defined on page 8) is at least 25% obscured from the point of view of at least one firer, Wounds allocated to that model receive a cover save.

40k6 pg 19 Units in Cover example.  There's an illustration of which Orks receive cover save and which don't.

Context:  As some of us experience.  I have multiple editions of 40k bouncing around in my head.  Often quoting one edition when playing a different all together then learning that rule is no longer in effect.  This is one of those times.  When Plague Marines were shooting at Scarabs I thought because more than half were in cover the entire squad would get a 4+ or 3+ (due to night fight range) cover save but looked up the cover rules.  That is when I learned its no longer based on number of models in cover but on a model per model basis.  This where the example on pg 19 helped a lot.
cover per model not squad

Wound allocation in assault 40k6 pg 25 Allocating Wounds first bullet point (again)

A Wound must be allocated to an enemy model in base contact with a model attacking at that Initiative step.  If there is more than one eligible candidate, the player controlling the models being attacked chooses which model it is allocated to.  Roll the model's saving throw (if it has one) and remove the casualty (if necessary).

Context: When Plague Marines were attacking Scarabs had two wounds to assign to eligible models in base contact with the marines.  Since there was more than one Scarab base to assign wounds one wound was placed on two bases.  It was mentioned that full models must be removed when allocating wounds.  Mentioned that was in 5th ed, again one of those "having multiple editions bouncing around in one's head" things.

Force 40k6 pg 37 Instant Death

If the test is passed [sic], expending a Warp Charge and taking a Psychic test, all unsaved Wounds inflicted by the Force weapon that turn have the Instant Death special rule (see page 38).  Deny the Witch rolls cannot be taken against Force weapons. 
Context: Typhus was attacking Wraiths.  Typhus made his psychic test.  Wraith failed its save and suffered instant death.  Asked Bryan if that is for all unsaved wounds or just one.  He said all.  Did some research and he is complete correct.

Daemon Weapon Codex Chaos Space Marines 6th pg 30 d6 attacks

On a 2+, the bearer gains that many additional Attacks until the end of the phase.

Context: Wanted to be d6 were additional attacks and not replacing the attacks of the model like Chaos Spawn.  Mis-remembered and that the later was the case.  It was not.

slainte mhath


  1. Allocating wounds you keep placing wounds on the 1 model chosen (either closest or a single one that is in base to base or in some cases a rndomly chosen one) until that single model is dead, then you choose another model, correct?

    So you shouldn't have 2 bases of scarabs with 1 wound each, just 1 with 2 wounds taken and another unwounded, right? Unless 1 of the scarabs had wounds from before that allocating or a previous assault phase.

    1. That is correct on both accounts. In the past I would put one wound on a Wraith and the other on a second Wraith. Clearly I was doing it wrong. Now my Wraiths die faster. /sad panda

    2. Do you get to nominate a new model in base to base every new turn in assault (due to pile-in etc.), so you could spread the wounds some?

    3. Yes. Specifically when making saves pick a model and roll save if it has one. Keep rolling on same model til it is removed or wounds are gone. Different assault, say bottom of the turn, then can assign the first wound to a different mode.


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