Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eldar Phoenix Lords: Fuegan, Karandras and Maugan-Ra part 4

Was able to paint for a couple of hours last night.  Finished the Three Pheonix Lords.  Think I'll start on the Harlequins next.

Something wasn't right with Fuegan.  Then it hit me.  Green Glazed his loin clothe and Magenta Ink'd the dragons.  Looks better.

Only details left to paint on Pheonix Lords.  Scorpion Green on scales.

Enchanted Blue for Karandras's Chainsword.  Burnished Gold on power weapon accoutrements for Fuegan and Maugan-Ra.

In the home stretch folks.  Caledor Sky on all bulbs.

Life has been breathed into the model.  Flash Gitz Yellow for eyes.

Quick bath in flock.  Let them sit over night and knock off what doesn't stick tomorrow.

Mine on right.

Mine on right.
Critique away

slainte mhath

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