Tuesday, November 6, 2012

12.11.5 1850 Necrons vs Chaos Space Marins

Bryan had a great idea of having a 1850 game before Fires of Battle GT which we are attending this weekend.

Good ole' fashion mosh pit.  Canoptek Wraiths and Scarabs with Typhus and Chaos Terminators.

Met Bryan at The Source for a pre-FOYCON Fires of Battle GT game.  It was a solid idea Bryan came up with.  Didn't know I was supposed to send my list in by Nov 1.  Read the details on crapbook Sun night.  Sent list in Mon morning.

Wore my political satire Obama No Hope CONvergence t-shirt.

Deployment: Dawn of War.  Mission: Purge the Alien.

Bryan won roll off decided to deploy and go first.

Our stage of removing models this evening

Chaos Space Marines deployment.  Two havoc squads with all missiles, Quad gun w/Aegis, Typhus with 10 Terminators, two Rhinos with six Plague Marine squad each and 5 Plague Marine.

Necron deployment.  Since CSM, Chaos Space Marines, took one corner figured I'd take advantage of Night Fight shooting range and deploy in opposite corner.  Let wonder twins do their work for a couple of rounds with Tremorstaves helping out.  Build up my Scarabs and flank with a Wraith squad.  Turned out better than I thought.  Bryan's Plague Marine CSM army was a stone that was extremely hard to move.

Attempted to seize initiative, Imotekh allows me to do so.  Thank you, 6.

Top of first.  Generate Scarabs.  Far Wraiths take off across board using Night Fight hoping to use cover the entire time as they move on the far corner.  Completely forgot lightning this round.  Have to write that on my hand for the GT this weekend.

Bottom of first.  Due to wonder twins powers CSM doesn't move at all.  As soon as I mention 1 or 2 for Rhinos Bryan pulls them back.

Top of second.  More Night Fight.  Generate Scarabs.  Wraiths are almost in position to start their move across deployment to entrenched Plague Marines.  Cryptek moves up and shoots at Terminators.  They are quaked.  Lightning doesn't go off.  I've learned a lot from Matt's Tyranids.  I'm applying several techniques in this game and it is helping a lot.  Thanks, Matt!  Normally I would be rushing everything forward attempting to close the ground as quick as possible.  This would give up easy kill points as Natfka has told me.  Playing it cautious has helped a lot.  Guess the game against Scott at the tournament a couple of weeks ago is still with me.

Bottom of second.  Bryan is also playing it cautious.  He doesn't extend his strength.  Waiting for that moment to throw that punch.  We've gone back and forth about missing a couple of things and Bryan politely informs me that players at the GT wouldn't let it happen, which he doesn't.  This is very helpful in preparing me for the cutthroat nature of competitive play.  This will be my third tournament.  I expect to see a new side of competitive play due to it being a GT.  Terminators attempt to shoot but a Rhino is now blocking LoS, line of sight.  Bryan mentions the game is speeding along.  I agree.  I've only been moving a couple models and nothing regarding wounds have been applied yet.

Top of third.  More Night Fight.  Generate Scarabs.  Spyders have accumulated 4 wounds.  It's almost like they love being wounded.  Time for some action.  Going to assault a Rhino with Scarabs for that First Blood and VP.  Wraiths move into building.  Now I'm moving the entire Necron army up.  I plan about three waves of Necrons.  First Scarabs and one Wraiths.  Second other Wraiths and C'tan.  Third Spyders, Warriors and HQ's.  Some lightning not enough to take out a lot.  Keep rolling 1's for number of strikes.  Scarabs take out Rhino, First Blood and 1 VP.  3 VP Necrons.

Bottom of third.  Havocs shoot Krak missiles into Scarabs.  This gets ugly as I fail several 4+ cover saves and start removing bases.  More shooting from Plague Marines with Plasma and bolters, Terminators and Typhus's psychic power (again forgot Deny the Witch) more Scarabs removed.  Scarabs are hungry for Terminator armour.

Close up of top of fourth H2H, hand-to-hand.  Wraiths and Scarabs are getting ready to pounce.  C'tan close behind.

Close up of top of fourth H2H.  It's a good fight.  Or day to die if you're a Klingon.

Top of fourth.  Scarabs remove three Terminators.  Wraiths attacks are warded off by invul and armour saves.  This is one of the few times Bryan's dice were with him.  His dice were in a pissy mood.  I told him he better fix his dice problem.  If he doesn't I expect him to flip tables at the GT and get red cards thrown at him.  Seriously his dice were doing something odd tonight.  After this turn Bryan remembers his Terminators had an close combat weapon and should've been rolling 3 dice instead of 2.  He also remembers the same for his Plague Marines.  Repeated my mantra "We learn from pain."  He also forgot that Terminators have 2 Attacks.

Close up of bottom of fourth H2H.  Bryan performs a bold and completely unexpected move.  He moves all Plague Marines into H2H.  This helps his Terminators.  They were going down fast.  Now that more Scarabs are being removed with Scarabs and Wraiths diverting their attention it's not nearly as deadly for Typhus's squad.

Bottom of fourth.  We receive the store is closing announcement.  That is when Bryan tells me he hasn't won one game with his Chaos Space Marine army yet.  This surprises me and I doubt him.  He assures me, he hasn't.  He also shares with me that he wishes he still had his Grey Knights so that when he wants a win he would pull them out.

Win 3-0 Necrons

Think I have figured out how to use the C'tan.  Instead of having it run off by itself.  Use it as a supporting cast for other units.  Example: Second wave after Wraiths or Scarabs.  As their strength wanes C'tan comes in to help out.

Had a fun game with Bryan.  Love that he was a bit hardcore with me about some rules preparing me for the GT.  We covered a couple of things for our armies that hopefully will remember for the weekend long battle.

slainte mhath

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