Friday, November 16, 2012

Back in the saddle again, Eldar Rangers part 1

I'm back, back in the saddle in the again.  I'm back.  AC DC always great.  Shawn handed me some Eldar and now that I have some free time.  Besides my Grey Knight-prep.  Time to work on Eldar.

This never happened with metal models.  This is the second F cast model that an adjacent piece broke off while cleaning the model.

Time for my favourite tool.  Drill.

Wed night was a great night.  Blue Moon and an orange escorted me through the night.

Didn't measure twice cut once.  Did what I've always done with metal models and slotta bases.  Grab a tool and force it into the slotta base.  No need for superglue this way.

"On this episode of using the wrong tool for the job."  Damn I felt silly.  Should've used the handle side of the file.  Learned a lesson.  Also need to buy a new file.

Right tool for the right job.  This worked marvelously.


slainte mhath

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