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12.11.10 FOYCON 1850 Fires of Battle day 1 2 Lose/1 win

BatRep long time coming.  Part one of two of FOYCON's Fires of Battle Grand Tournament.  GT had about 14 players.  Lower than expected.  Sarge from Fountains of Youth did a great job organizing first Fountain of Youth Convention, FOYCON.

Bryan and I arrived about 9:50pm at the Metropolis.  Wanted to do some recon to avoid the whole wake up early walk through the hotel to find the GT.  Unfortunately we had more tables than players.  Nate ended up placing a table between players.  The purpose, to use the tables and terrain he put together.  Don't blame him.

As it's been a couple of weeks and I may not remember the details exactly.  I'll go over the gist of each pic.

This was probably my hardest battle.  This Tyranid player was probably the hardest all weekend.  He had a great painted army.  Tremendous detail on his Tyranids.  Had these awesome spots with fading chitin.  Turns out my deployment in the corner worked to his strength.  He would have easily received best painter if he had a base.  A lot was unpainted but felt he had enough to easily secure it.

Tyranids won roll off.  Decided to deploy and go first.  After sometime of rolling for psychic powers we started.  Imotekh seized initiative.  Wraiths and C'tan started their right flank swing to Tyranids unified front.  One Tervigon is spent other doesn't do anything.

Only a few Tyranids have to roll for the wonder twin powers.  Gargoyles on.  Tervigon makes a lot of Termgaunts.  Wraiths and C'tan are ready for their assault run.

Tyranids are way ahead of me. After a couple of turns of making Scarabs I'm ready to make some assault rolls.  C'tan along with Wraiths same.  Here come the time of fun.  Scarabs roll for assault 3.  Reroll because of Fleet.  Trade the 2 for a 1 and the 1 for a 2.  Wraiths don't roll enough for charge.  Reroll and even less.  C'tan suffers the same fate.  Opponent looks thoroughly disappointed and dismayed.

Look at that layering.  Other Tervigon keeps making more and Termagaunts.  He played a great game that was going to ugly really fast.  An extremely large front of bugs before Necrons.  It wasn't going to be good.  Necrons was going to be on the losing side.  Bottom of fifth.  Time is called.  Had to call game.  Lost 18-5  Tyranids.

This was the best thing about this opponent.  Boogly eyes pasted to his Termagaunts.  This made me laugh uncontrollably and had to take a pic.  He had this sly smile on his face.

On yet another losing side against Tyranids.  Will admit he wasn't a prepared opponent.  Had a hand written list on 5x7 note pad without a copy for his opponent.  Personal opinions aside.  He had his shit (army) together and spanked my ass.  Repeatedly told him loved his black and read themed army.  He informed me he bought most of them that way and painted the rest the same.  He admitted he didn't like it.  This guy had a really funny line.  "You can't spell 'Team' without 'Meat.' "

Wonder twins powers are useless against Tyranids.  Probably because they are from a different galaxy.  Get it?  Take a look at the red egg on top of the building.  This guy grabbed a styrofoam egg painted it red and added some green stuff tentacles.  Great mycetic spore.  Lost 18-5.

Brad "hulksmash" on left.  Don, favourite opponent on right.  This was about an hour into the second game.  Two other games were wrapped up at this time.  Beginning to put together an idea of the "Third Round Phenomena."

By far my favourite and most prepared opponent, Don.  He had a great painted army.   Of his Necrons were painted.  They had this Goblin Green stippled paint job to them.  Beginning of the game and other games Don had his arms crossed.  Pacifying/Guarded posture.  Wasn't til later in the game did he start opening up to me and not crossing his arms.  He was the most enthusiastic player I met during the GT.  If you're in Eau Claire and frequent Fountain of Youth games and have a chance to play against Don.  I highly suggest it.

Thanks to Imotekh the Doomsday Ark couldn't do a lot of shooting this game.  That would've been bad for my army.  When I saw it earlier in the day I terribly afraid of facing it.  Seriously Don did a great job painting his army.  Don, if you're reading this can I put your name in "Top of the Hat" section on the right?  Its a list of 40k'ers I respect.

Don pulls a bold and powerful assault on my Scarabs.  His Wraiths eat right through them.  He did exactly enough wounds to take all my Scarabs off the table.  Wasn't til after the game I remembered I could've saved against the Wraiths attacks.  /homers doh!  When Don was thinking about this assault I told him I was going to assault his Wraiths with the Scarabs.  It was up to him to have the assault on his terms or mine.  He told me he had the same thought.  Look at that green stippling on his Wraiths.  Its throughout his entire Necron army.

Don's Necron's push has me in a bind.  He's taken out my Scarabs.  The main part of my army is gone.  I have really think out of the box.  My Wraiths and C'tan are behind the far barrel ready for a swing on the left flank swing.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Time for the Spyders to pull their weight.  Some of my Wraiths swing over to help out the collapse of my front.  Destroyer Lord leading Don's Wraiths takes as many wounds as it could and falls.

Rest of the wounds are laid upon the Wraiths and the entire squad is wiped out.  Something hit me.  I pull out my Necrons Codex and flip to Ever-living.  Read it and start moving Wraiths and Spyders around Destroyer Lords.  Don looks at me and says "I was thinking the same."  Destroyer Lord cannot reanimate.  During the third turn I ask Don "How much of an asshole should I be?"  He responds "Go ahead be one."  Then thinks about and says "What were you going to say?"  I make sure he wants me to be a nice guy and not an asshole.  He confirms nice guy.  I point at his Doom Scythe.  I see grief go through his face.  Told him "Learning is painful" and point at Bryan "Ask him."  Next day Don told me he didn't forget his Doom Scythe the rest of the Tournament and gave me thanks.  Win 15-5 my Necrons.  Seriously most fun opponent the entire tournament.

slainte mhath

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