Friday, November 2, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Pile In, Vibro Cannon, Our Weapons Are Useless

Covered a couple of rules Tues night.  Also learned more about Eldar Vibro Cannons.

End of Combat Pile In 40k6 pg 27

After the combat has been resolved, it can happen that some models from units that did not Fall Back are not in base contact with an enemy.  These models must make a Pile In move, starting with the side who turn it is.  This is treated exactly like a start of Initiative step Pile In, as found on page 23

Context:  After Shawn's Avatar destroyed my Destroyer Lord we talked about Pile In at the end of assault.

Vibro Cannon Eldar Codex 4th ed pg 45.

When firing a vibro cannon battery, roll to hit (the firer does not need to pick a target).  If any of the vibro cannons hit, draw a single 36" line from one vibro cannon in any direction.

Context:  I was under the assumption that there was no need to roll to hit with vibro cannon.  You drew a line and rolled d6 to determine how many hits each unit under the line took.  Shawn was 100% correct.  I was wrong.  You first need to roll to hit before drawing the line.  I really need to read my Eldar codex again.  Since that is the army I love the most.

Our Weapons Are Useless 40k6 pg 26

If a unit is locked in combat with an enemy it cannot hurt, it can choose to automatically fail its Morale check for losing combat.  This can be a risky tactic, but sometimes worthwhile.

Sweeping Advance 40k6 pg 26

When a unit falls back from combat, the victors make a Sweeping Advance, attempting to cut down their fleeing foes.

Sweeping Advance 40k6 pg 27 first bullet point

If the winner's total (Initiative + dice roll) is equal to or greater than the foe's, the falling back unit is caught by the Sweeping Advance and destroyed.

Context: Was talking to Shawn about the Scarab/Wraithlord assault a couple of weeks ago.  That since my Scarabs couldn't hurt the Wraithlord they could perform "Our Weapons Are Useless" then roll off against Wraithlord.  Which if I failed the Wraithlord would wipe out a 28 base strong Scarab unit.

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