Monday, November 19, 2012

Shawn's Eldar part 2.2

Here's the other half of Shawn's Eldar he handed me.

Harlequins 4 of 6 in sprue.

Paired up with legs and ready to be cleaned.

If you're like me , I don't like supergluing slotta bases.  I prefer to wedge the stem in the slotta base.

Just like this.  I find metal stems a bit easier.


After.  Just like the ancient Egyptians cutting off the relief to remove the names of previous pharaohs.

I literally, seriously literally, touched the harlequins kiss and it broke.  Second F cast that has broken this way.

Little drilling with my best modelling tool, superglue and pin later ready to go.

Complete again.

4 of 6 done.

Shawn's second box of Harlequins.

Didn't notice this til now.  Note the letter on the right.  That matches up with the body.

Peg on troupe master was poor.  Ended up pinning.

Second box 6 of 6.

Grey indicates second squad.

Feugan needs another coat of grey.

First part of Shawn's Eldar.

slainte mhath


  1. I expect you will be a finecast expert at the end of this. Might want to gather all of your lessons learned and tips into one post, hint hint. And hey you've won a Liebster Award, you can see it on ,my blog.

    1. Spyrle, consider it done!

      Thanks for the tip. Will view it.


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