Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shawn's Eldar part 2 (Now with pics) a.k.a. "Once more to the breach...

... dear friends once more"  Line is from VNV Nation's song Fragments from their album Empires.

Feugan, Maugan-Ra and Karandras.  Shawn want's me to do the Phoenix Lords first.  Think he's going to do a Harlistar list.

Great model to put together the first time.  Just as fun second time around.

Possibly my favourite Phoenix Lord.  Tie between him and Maugan-Ra.

Had to cut most of Feugan off because I'm keeping my Grey Knights-prep underwraps.

Prince Yriel of Iyanden

Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of bubbles on him.  Wish more F cast was like this.

Quite fun to put together.  Surprisingly fast.

Shadowseer is a beautiful model.  Really want to put mine together.  Perhaps after this and my Grey Knights I'll start work on my new Harlequins.

Great companion Wed evening.  I admit it, I drown oranges.

Harlequins time.

That is going to require a lot of cleaning.

Troupe Master.

His legs were a little difficult.  Affixing him to the base was the problem.  There was no peg on the clothe.  Pinned it.

I do like their poses.  Also huge fan of their masks.

Done for Wed night.  Still have a little time.  Priming it is.

If you're like me living in an apartment priming can be a pain.  I use boxes.  Unfortunately tape doesn't like staying on boxes that have spray paint on them.  Found a solution.  Paper.  Tape it to the sides.

Folded tape placed in square'ish shapes.  This gives the models a solid hold so they don't go sliding around when you're walking them to your spraying area (outside your apt).

tada.  Blue tap is surprising compliant.

Army Painter Colour Primery Uniform Grey.  Now to put together the other four Harlequins from the box and six from the other box.

slainte mhath

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  1. Or Shakespeare's Henry V if you want to be technical. The line I mean. I think he probably wrote it first.


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