Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Necrons Crypteks part 6

No more proxies for my Necron army.  Quite happy.

Took Bryan's advice and dryrbushed Matt White.  Turned out better than I thought.

Following Orikan.  The same iteration of machine has Goblin Green for the dots on the back.

Again same as Orikan.  Chainmail dots inside Goblin Green.

Finally the staffs.  Now I feel like somethings being accomplished.  Metal bits Burnished Gold.  Gem Flash Gitz Yellow.  Necrons glyph on green staffs Mithril Silver, on blue Burnished Gold. 

Green staffs gem washed Devlin Mud, Army Painter Strong Tone.  Give it an earth feel because they would be Tremorstaves most of the time.  Blue staff gem washed in Leviathan Purple.  After washes dry it doesn't appear to matter if it is a brown or purple wash.  They look very similar.

Gauntlets and eyes Boltgun Metal.

Leviathan Purple wash over Boltgun Metal.  I like this look a lot.  Needs more though.  Thinking another wash or drybrushed Boltgun Metal.  Will mill it over.

Eyes pupil receives a little swipe of Mithril Silver for the Boltgun Metal shine.

Now to focus on the sternum.

Sternum Liche Purple and Necrons glyph Brassy Brass.  This is what I've done with all my Necrons from humble Warriors to Orikan.

Didn't like the loin cloths.  Felt the glyph was too mute.  Hit them with another wash of Leviathan Purple.  Left after.  Right before.

Dots on chin Chainmail.

Scorpion Green for the eye.  They seemed to look a lot better and full of life after painting the eye.

Time for the base.  I have a bit, understatement, of a hard on for the colour purple.
Drybrushed Amethyst Purple over ballast, base material.
Close up of finished Cryptek.

Critique away.

Second tray in my Necrons carry case.  Time to retire the Pariahs.  Was really beginning to like them.  Especially the tank shocking Draigo off the board tactic.  Was looking forward to doing it then new codex came out and Matt Ward had to take this unit out.  Loved the background of the Pariahs.

Shelf of retired models.  The first Avatar in the lower left.  He was the first model I retired.

Crypteks have a home in the case.

slainte mhath

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