Monday, November 26, 2012

Grey Knights preparation

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax” ~ Abraham Lincoln

First draft for Grey Knight bases.

Since early Oct I've been drafting up plans for my Grey Knights.  Years ago an olde 40k buddy, Shawn "Loser," told me an idea he had for his marine squads.  Squads armour would all have the same features.  One squad would all have the skull in the chest.  Other squad would all have double aquila.  Other squad would have wings with skull and cross bones.  Did that for the most part with my Noir Engel arm but didn't consider backpacks or legs.  I'm implementing this with my Grey Knights.

As always, giving credit where credit is due.  Thank you, Ron, from From The Warp for the inspiration!

First draft for my Grey Knights weapons and arms.

Second draft.  Little bit cleaner.

Third draft, second for bases.  It was quite clean til I started scribbling on it.

More crib notes about which arms to use.

When putting a model together I always put one together per GW instructions.  Gives me a feel for the model.  How things fit together.  Where I have room to play, where I don't.  Have to say I feel a lot of favouritism towards Space Marines compared to the races.  These guys come in so many pieces.  11 pieces for a Grey Knight.  Maybe half as many for a Wyche or  Dark Eldar Warrior.  Little upsetting.

Now onto my plan.  This squad gets all the same gear.  Same legs, body, head, arms, weapons and backpack.  Intention is two fold.  One to have them meet the plan mentioned above.  Another so when I combat squad them it will hopefully help me not confuse one squad from another.

Love how well these balance without a base.

Somehow completely forgot ammo clips for the Storm Bolters.

Even with arms on still balance.
With Halberds and Psycannons they tip forward.

Should pads and backpacks attached.

This squad gets the Grey Knight Apothecary head.  Would put these guys on their base but since the base is already completely assembled and painted I don't to mess it up while undercoating the Grey Knights.

Guess my laptop leans back or murder table, modelling table, leans forward.  They stand up on laptop.  Water level confirms murder table leans forward.  Laptop leans back.

slainte mhath


  1. Very nice. I loved putting my Grey Knights together. Hardest part for me was all of the extra bits I wish I had bodies for. All of the extra weapons that I would love to use if not for the the fact that I don't want to waste the few bodies in the box to put them on. So, after most of my collection is complete and I do not NEED to put a specific combination on them I can actually monkey around with the unique things I've wanted to try.

    1. Also like the extra bits for variety. Extra weapons not being used can be a bit of a downer. I agree with monkeying around. Love to do that with models.


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