Friday, November 9, 2012

FOYCON Fires of Battle Grand Tournament Eau Claire,WI

Fountains of Youth is hosting their first convention.  I plan on volunteering in some capacity.  Conventions take a lot of work.  Sarge from FOY is expecting 300-400 attendees.

I have a A Lot of free time at work.

This is my first Grand Tournament.  Buddy Simon talked about Adepticon earlier this year and said it is a great place to play against top-notch players.  I translate that to I'm going to get my ass kicked.  Drinks and sushi will soften the blow quite a bit.

I'm hoping to have a match against Brad "Hulksmash" Townsend.  The match has to happen in either first or second round.  I'm not cutthroat enough of player to launch myself to the upper echeleons of top-playing 40k'ers.

Sat I'll wear my utilikilt and Fill to Here with MN beer t-shirt.  Sun I'll wear my I Support Single Mothers pole-dancer t-shirt.  FAAC, Fashion-at-all-cost, all the way.

1850 list

This is how I figure the five games will go.  First game win.  Second win or lose.  Third lose.  Fourth win.  Fifth lose.  That whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing.

Here are some links for those interested.

The missions.

I've downloaded a copy to print off and review at work Friday.

If your work allows you to go to crapbook.

One benefit of being OCD enough to need to have a completely painted model before using it is there is no painting furiously for a GT.

slainte mhath

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