Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Aegis Defense Line, IC's, Fear [Update 12.11.27 and 13.6.15]

Picked up a couple of rules from last nights game with Shawn.  Always good stuff.

40k Rulebook Official Update Version 1.0a

Q: Can you deploy the Aegis Defence Line sections in two or more
groups of two or more sections apiece (this way, they will still be in
base contact with at least one other section)? (p114)

A: No – the Aegis defence line sections must be deployed in
an unbroken chain, though they can be connected end-to-end
such as in the example shown on page 114.

Context.  In last nights game Shawn was going to place down the Aegis Defense line and asked me about it.  Informed him of the FAQ and provided it.  This also occurred at the 1500 pt tournament last Sat.  The Aegis has to make a circuit.  Can't have the shields in a line or multiple lines.

Update [Thank you, Gonewild] 12/11/27: At FOYCON's GT Fires of Battle someone had an Aegis Defense Line.  Was talking to another player about how to set them up.  As I've done at my first GT, and will probably do in other GT's, I asked the TO, Tournament Official "judge," about the ruling before the event went underway.  I figure if the event is going to use a rule differently than how I think it works best talk to a TO about the rule.  Certainly no reason to bog down a game with two different mindsets and calling a TO over when I can clear it up before it happens.

Asked TO about how Aegis Defense Line can be set up.  Specifically if it has to be in a circuit.  TO looked at it a bit as if almost puzzling it over.  Read him the FAQ and he said it can set up as a straight line.  Then I started reading the FAQ again.  This time giving it a thorough reading.  They say reading is in this time of year.  What specifically spoke to me was the use of clauses.  Independent clause with subordinate clause "Aegis defence line sections must be deployed in an unbroken chain, though they can be connected end-to-end."  I can read it both ways.  Apparently I also didn't want to see that comma either.

How I mentioned and thought Aegis Defense Line had to be set up.

How everyone but I thinks and have used Aegis Defense Line.
Regardless if Aegis Defense Line can be set up in a long line or has to be in a circuit.  It doesn't matter if it's used incorrectly, convention has it used as a line.  This will be more advantageous should I ever decide to use one.

40k6 pg 39 Independent Character.

Independent Character can join other units.  They cannot, however, join vehicle squadrons (see page 77) or units that always consist of a single model (such as most vehicles and Monstrous Creatures).

Context.  Last was talking about Harlistar lists with Shawn.  Somehow I got messed up and thought that Independent Characters can now join Monstrous Creatures.  Specifically Avatar joining Wraithlord.  The idea was they can do Look Out, Sir on each other.  Shawn sent me a message about the rule after the game.

Update [Thanks, Will] 13.6.15: Wraithlord is a Monstrous Creature Character 40k6 mini rulebook pg 136.  They can be within 6" of each other and use Look Out, Sir for each other.  Just have to make sure they stay outside of 2".  Monstrous Creature Characters that are solo cannot have Look Out, Sir rolls made for them.

Natfka has been talking about Independent Characters not able to join Monstrous Creatures for a long time.  That was a rule in 5th.  I thought they got rid of it in 6th.  I was wrong.

40k6 pg 48 Monstrous Creatures, Special Rules; Fear.

Monstrous Creatures have the Fear special rules.

Context.  This is something I learned last night when the C'tan assaulted Eldar Rangers.  Didn't know this rule til I read it in the book regarding Smash.  The Rangers did fail their Morale and had to attack at WS 1.

Also Monstrous Creatures have Hammer of Wraith.  Something I've been constantly overlooking in every H2H the C'tan has assaulted.

slainte mhath


  1. Regarding the Aegis: The FAQ actually clarifies that the Aegis pieces can be placed as a continuous line,'the Aegis defence line sections must be deployed in an unbroken chain,' ,or it can be placed end to end as you have pictured above.

    It can't be placed in multiple sections of two or more pieces that are separate from other sections placed in same manner; which is really lame, as breaking up the Aegis line provided some interesting tactical choices for the owner.

    1. Yep. That's why I copied and pasted from FAQ for this post.

    2. Gotchya; however, you wrote that the Aegis has to create a circuit- that a player 'can't' have the shields in a line. The FAQ states differently.

    3. We are of the same mindset. Circuit and line are not the same.

  2. If you could buy a unit of more than a single MC then the IC could join them. There isn't a specific rule against an IC joining an MC, but rather an IC can't join a unit that is just 1 model.

    Unless there is another rule somewhere.

    1. Exactly. Kind of been waiting for the day when an IC can join a squad of Canoptek Spyders. Hell that is how I should run Orikan from now on.

  3. **Wraithlord is a Monstrous Creature Character 40k6 mini rulebook pg 136. They can be within 6" of each other and use Look Out, Sir for each other. Just have to make sure they stay outside of 2"**

    This is incorrect. Look Out, Sir can only be taken with a model within 6" from the same unit.

    BRB pg 16 "When a Wound is allocated to one of your characters, and there is another model FROM THE SAME UNIT within 6", he's allowed a Look Out, Sir attempt."

    1. Will, great catch. Thanks for correcting me. Updating.


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