Friday, March 1, 2013

Grey Knights Librarians part 2

Had a little bit of time last night to work on these guys.  Surprised how quick they came together.

Bits used for these guys.  Ended up adding one extra bit to one.

For some reason I'm thinking painting these two will be a breeze mostly because of the airbrush.

Idea I had a while ago is to not use the standard aquila for the head of the force staff.  Instead make the force staff look Grey Knights-esque and use the piece from the warding staff.

Once staff was pinned and put together it occurred to me people might think it s warding staff.  Wanted to make it look different.  Cut out the halo around another warding staff and voila!

1 of 2 assembled, still needs to be cleaned.  Cleaning F cast can be time consuming.

Kind of looks like an army reaching out of the mat.  Cut off Tumiel's hand, from Dark Vengeance boxset, and pinned it to Librarian's arm.  Was surprisingly easy to remove the force staff.  One benefit of F cast.

Pinned this arm on both Librarians.

2 of 2 assembled

Now time to remove flash.

slainte mhath


  1. The two handed Libby looks strange. The plastic hand from the DV kit just seems too long. Along with that, its wierd to see a Libby without a force weapon of some kind.

    The first Libby looks off with the head the way it is. I understand you're restricted by the hole for the original head, but I don't think the GK hemet really works when turned that far around. At least, not on standard terminator armour.

    1. Haven't considered the new hand. Will look into that.

      I completely agree with the first one's head. Its cocked too much. Terminator helments shouldn't be able to bend that way. Be considering seeing if I can take it out. Hell I'll just drill it out. I have other heads I can use. Thanks, Narric. Your comment helped me figure out that problem!

  2. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the two handed Libby was "Give me a HUG!" :)

    1. Yeah. When I first thought of it a cool pose of readying to unleash some psychic power or prepare himself for something. Only after putting him together did I think 'Damn that guy wants a hug.'


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