Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hopes for Eldar 6th ed Codex

I've been talking with people about the Eldar Codex 6th ed.  Mostly we are spit-balling ideas and what  we'd like to see in the new codex.  This is not official.  I have no insider information.  No GW source.  This is just a dream, wet perhaps, about things I personally would like to see in the new codex.

JJ typing, while it would be nice to see different types of seers on the battlefield I feel it be too close to marines.  Example having a Boneseer to heal Wraithlords/guards or vehicles.  This would be too much like Eldar in techmarine or apothecary clothing.   Pass on this idea.

Eldar Dreadknight would be nice.  Again going with the idea above it would just be xeroxing Grey Knights and Tau Dreadknights.  Do we really need another Dreadknight-esque model?  Cheesy part of me says yes, as long as its similar to Grey Knights but with Eldar traits.

Ok onto some grounded dreams.

Court of the Young King.  I believe this is was available in Eye of Terror book.  This is a Court of all the Phoenix Lords with the Avatar as one HQ, albeit expensive HQ.  Which is something Ayce00 says would be nice if they used Phoenix Lords like Heralds in daemons codex.  This I like.  A Lot.  Perhaps have the Phoenix Lords as an upgraded Exarch or better yet an addition to the squad.  Howling Banshees must be purchased in a squad of 10 with Exarch then Jain-Zar can be unlocked and join the squad at her point cost.  The Phoenix Lords wouldn't be HQ's anymore.  Maybe enhance the Aspect Warrior squad.  Something like +1 WS or +1 BS.

Expected change to Fortune would be "re-roll failed saves of 1."  Or perhaps keep it the same because of Divination Primaris Power Prescience.

Something I would really like to see.  Which would be on par with Tau's Supporting Fire special rule.  For now I'll call it "Foundations of the Aspect."  Very similar to supporting fire but towards psychic powers.

Foundations of the Aspect:  Craftworld Eldar have practiced for lifetimes to separate their minds and feelings from their turbulant past.  Countless days spent in mediation in every action, eating, kata's, sitting, affords the Eldar to separate themselves from external influences of the warp placed up on them.

Any Eldar unit with this special rule within 6" of another Eldar unit with the same special rule gets a +1, to a max of +3, to their Deny the Witch test.

Units that wouldn't have Aspect Foundation.  Harlequins.  They are Eldar, but stand apart from the Craftworld Eldar.  Rangers, same as Harlequins.  Those that choose the path don't spend as much time with the foundation.  Perhaps an upgrade for 10pts for Rangers to have Aspect Foundation.  Avatar of Khaine.  Vehicles.  Wraithlords and Wraithguard upgrade for 10pts.  Should they do something crazy and bring back Exodites from 2nd ed they wouldn't have acccess to the foundation.

I imagine a practical shoe-in give Dark Reapers skyfire rounds.  /resists Eldar rant.  Perhaps make the skyfire rounds S 8 Ap 2 Heavy 1.  Exarch can have same but with Heavy 2 or 3 /gasps for breath.

Falcon Pulse Laser increased range to 48" with no other changes including point cost.

War Walker decrease points from 30 to 20.  Weapons remain the same.

Avatar of Khaine Rogue Trader characteristics (since randomness is in, example below). 150 points.

WS    BS     S      T     W      I      A     Ld Sv
4+d6 4+d6 4+d6 4+d6   4    5+d3 3+d3   10  3+/4++

Add Forgeworld Eldar Hornet to the codex with a 10 pt decrease to the unit.  Weapons same point cost as Vipers.

Would like to see Autarchs Forceshield increased to 3+ with no point increase to Autarch match Storm Shields ability.  Yriel's forceshield also 3+ with no point increase.

Would like to see Aspect Warrior elites rounded to increments of 5.  Preferrably dropping from 16pts to 15 pts not 16 to 20.

Twin-linked scatter lasers for Wave Serpent from 25 to 35.

Spirit Stones can nullify hull points.

Dire avengers dropped to 10 pts.  Guardians to 6.  Rangers to 15, getting closer to other scouts with more special rules.  Guardian jetbikes 20 pts.

Swooping hawks point increased to 25 with 24" jump and they can drop grenades on anyone under the line.  This brings them back to their days in rogue trader and 2nd ed.

Scatter laser on viper, war walker, falcon, etc 15 pts to 20 pts remain same profile or keep pts at 15 and change Heavy 4 to Heavy 3.

Would be nice to see Falcon and Fire Prism at 3 HP.  For some reason expecting Eldar fragility to extend to them with 2 HP.  Then again Vipers will most likely have 2 HP.  It would make sense for the Type Tank to have 3 HP.  Nevermind.  They will probably get 3 HP.

While it would be nice for avenger shuriken catapult to have its range increased to 24" that would affect dire avengers points.  Keep it at 18"

While I would like Star Canons to return their former glory of Heavy 3.  That would increase their points.  Comfortable with it being at Heavy 2.

These are just thoughts.  Til Eldar 6th ed comes out I'll be the patient buddha.

slainte mhath


  1. I'd say that we already have the original and best dreadnight, the wraithlord.

    1. I agree, Spyrle. The original Eldar Dreadnought was awesome. Have a rogue trader model.

  2. I have seen it mentioned a few times about the dire avengers range increasing to 24 inches but that just doesn't feel right to me. They shouldnt just be storm bolters. If they do change I would like to see a choice of assault 2/heavy 3 to show the skill of being able to lay down a hail of fire with the 18 inch range.

    1. Malduran, I'm in the same boat. Shuriken catapults increased to 24" doesn't feel right. It seems to much like storm bolters in disguse. Now putting a salvo type on them would be great. 3/2 example. Or better yet do A2H4. That would be too much like catapults in psycannon clothing.

  3. If they are coming out in June? then they have to be already finalized. It would be interesting to compare this list with what comes out in the codex, mostly just for fun.

    1. Supposed to be released in June? Nice. Was thinking July. Since Natfka's site is blocked on works pc I've been mostly out of the loop.

  4. and what about flyers? It will be interesting to see if they are considered "good" or not.

    1. Connor has mentioned that he believes Eldar flyers will have the Special Rule Vector Dancer. As he's said. That is the only special rule no one has yet. Don't have any guesses about flyers except for something like the Forgeworld Vampire but much smaller.

  5. GW stated approx 3Q release. Codec tau will be before them.

  6. Apparently I can't read. Falcons and Fire Prisms already have 3 HP. Doh!


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