Saturday, April 27, 2013

13.4.23 1850 Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons

Finally second game against Shawn's chaos daemons.  Here's battle report from last Tues.

Completely forgot that extra attack for having 5 Grey Knights watching.

JJ typing, met Shawn at Fantasy Flight.  Brought his daemons.  Wore my new red permanent skin art t-shirt.

Shawn wanted to do one of the chaos deamons missions from altar of war ebooks.  Thought it would be great and rolled the dice.  Result 5.

Mission: Beyond the Ken of Men.  Objectives 3 and kill points.

Seems like a fun mission.  The secret daemon mission was pretty cool.

Shawn won roll.  Decided to deploy and go first.

Two objectives in daemon deployment zone.  One in mine.  Because you can't deploy within 6" of the middle of the board there's a chance for first turn assault.  My Dark Eldar would love this.

Our theatre of entertainment.

Chaos Daemons deploy.  All daemons are out.  No one is deep striking.

Grey Knights deploy.  Should've put Vindicare near end of aegis so he can shoot the entire field.  Suijin asked me later if anyone has ever used aegis correctly.  That it isn't supposed to within 3" of a terrain or table edge.  Told him only one guy at FOYCON.

Attempt to seize initiative.  Nope.

Top of first.  Daemons come in hot.  Too hot.  Slaanesh seekers move and run up to aegis line.  Fiends are right behind.  Screamers come in from nearby.  Keeper of Secrets and Skarbrand both move up.  One Daemon Prince takes to flight.  One Purifier is removed due to Soul Grinder's phlem.

Bottom of first.  Grey Knights happily enjoy the shooting gallery.  Skarbrand takes a wound after all immediate targets are removed.  20 Bloodletters on left side of board are reduced in number by Purifier shooting.  Two screamers are removed.  All fiends and seekers are removed.  First Blood 1 VP.  Things are looking up for Grey Knights in this battle.  One thing I Loved  in this battle was Preferred Enemy.  Finally remembered it.  Those 1's turned into a successful to hit and to wound rolls are awesome.  Go Grey Knights cheese!

Top of second.  Daemons high-tail-it out of the middle.  After suffering tremendous loses they go to cover.

Bottom of second.  Grey Knights Preferred Enemy is tremendously helpful.  Want to take advantage of that against the Avatar.  Keeper of Secrets which had +1W and It Will Not Die Greater gift is removed from the board.  Skarbrand follows soon after.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP.  GK 2 VPs.  More Bloodletters on the left are removed.  It is games like these I love.  If you'll notice one squad of Bloodletters in the far back are sitting on an objective.  That is 200 pts Purifiers don't have to fight.  Effectively the game is 1650 pts vs 1850.  I'll let the Bloodletters have the objective if it means focusing my energies on closer targets.  No need to go racing across the board if I only have to move my guys up a little bit to take out those immediately in front of me.

Top of third only lost one Purifier so far.

Ok, apparently I got cocky taking the previous pic.  Daemon Prince removes three more Purifiers.

Top of third.  Daemon Prince comes in and assaults one combat squad.  Other prince is moving left as well.  Soul Grinder phlems combat squad in middle objective.  One Purifier remains.

Close up of assault bottom of third.  Yep 4 daemon hammers waiting for the prince to kill off Crowe.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP daemons.

Bottom of third.  Crowe is slain by the prince.  Takes the prince with him.  Finally Crowe fulfills his purpose.  Moving more Purifiers towards near objective.  Psyflemen are proving to be very handy.  Their psyautocannons are awesome!  Soul Grinder takes two hull points.
Top of fourth.  Little daemon shuffling and turn is done.  Terribly fast game.

Bottom of fourth.  Psyflemen are proving their worth.  They've removed their points worth from the field.  They turn on Soul Grinder and its removed as well.  Start funneling Purifier combat squads towards left objective.  Few more bloodletters are removed.  Plans is to remove daemon prince and last three bloodletters sit on objective til end of game.  Again no need to over-extend myself if the game is mine.

Top of fifth.  Daemon Prince is smart.  Puts himself in the way of the Bloodletters but doesn't assault.  Three bloodletters on far side move out from the rock onto objective.  It's a shooting gallery over there.  There are four combat squads of Purifiers all with sights on that objective and any unit within 3".

Close up of assault bottom of fifth..  Two combat squads shoot at prince it takes two wounds.  One combat squad shoots at three bloodletters they are removed.  Last combat squad shoots at prince.  Start casting hammerhand and rolling attacks when daemon prince goes yellow and issues a challenge.  Knight of the Flame steps up.  Prince takes a wound and saves it.  Knight is slain by Prince.  Next turn that daemon prince is dead and will consolidate onto objective.
It's getting time for Shawn to go.  He asks if I wanted to continue.  I answered "Hell yes!  I want to kill that daemon prince.  There are four hammers that are ready to kill him."  He asks who's going to roll the dice.  I decided to.  Rolled a 1 and game ends.  Only daemon prince and 20 bloodletters remain on the field.

Daemons secret mission 4.  For every objective in their deployment its worth 5 VPs.

I want to pull Shawn's Eldar and Imperial Guard again.  Getting quite confident with my Purifiers.  Thanks for the game, brother.

Win 12-7 Grey Knights

slainte mhath


  1. Just FYI. It's not an extra attack, it's a re-roll pe 5 guys watching

    1. Thanks for the correction. Never had that opportunity before. Knew it was something.


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