Monday, April 22, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Vindicare's Turbo-penetrator and Sniper special rule requesting feedback

Here's a little rule I've heard about.  Apparently there are two camps for how to exercise Vindicare's Turbo-penetrator round.  Connor mentioned this during our last game and asked him for more of an explanation.  Would like your thoughts.

JJ typing, Sniper 40k6 pg 42

Against vehicles, Sniper weapons count as Strength 3

Exitus Rifle Grey Knights 5th ed pg 53

Type Heavy 1, Sniper

Turbo-penetrator Grey Knights 5th ed pg 53

A turbo-penetrator shot has an Armour Penetration of 4D6.

Here's the issue as it was explained it to me.  One camp believes that armour penetration is 4D6+3.  Other camp believes that armour penetration is 4D6 because that is the way its written in the codex.

What do you say.  Does the turbo-penetrator roll 4D6+3 or 4D6 for armour penetration?  Feel free to provide any references including books and page numbers.

slainte mhath


  1. armour penetration is a roll of a d6, in this case its a roll of 4d6. pg 73 brb

    So yes you roll 4d6 and add the strength of the weapon. also to note, that each roll of a 6 rends, adding d3 to the strength (as per faqs).

    4d6+3 +d3 for each 6 rolled

  2. I guess I don't see the argument for using only the 4D6 unless they only roll 1D6 for normal weapons and 2D6 for melta in 1/2 range but don't add the strength of the weapon.

    Page 73 BRB:
    "Once a hit has been scored on a vehicle, roll a D6 and add the weapon's strength, comparing this total with the Armor Value of the appropriate facing of the vehicle."

    So if you add the strength of the weapon and its strength is 3, then 4D6 + 3 it is.

    1. Somewhat countering my above initial statement:
      page 39 BRB: Melta special rule
      "roll an additional D6 when rolling to penetrate a vehicle's armor at half range or less."

  3. The argument for just the 4D6 (you still add D3 for each 6 rolled per GK faq) is that the weapon profile states the armor penetration is 4D6.

    The BRB page 73 states under the heading "ARMOR PENETRATION ROLLS" that it is D6 + S, so if D6 + S = Armor penetration, then for the turbo-penetrator it would only be 4D6 since it never said to add the strength.

    Most of this comes down to semantics and what is the definition of "Armor Penetration".


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