Friday, April 19, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Tesla Weapons, Searchlight and Castellan Crowe

Learned a very important piece of information about Searchlight in the other nights battle.

JJ typing, Tesla Weapons Necron Codex 5th ed pg 82 (this isn't from Wed game, from game with Connor last week.  Completely forgot it)

'Tesla type' For every To Hit of 6, the target suffers 2 additional automatic hits.

Context:  I thought roll of six to hit counted as two hits not a hit and two additional hits.  Connor informed me of that then wanted to check to make sure.  I've been using Tesla Arcs wrong with my Night Scythes the whole time.  Roll a 6 to hit with tesla weapons and you hit 3 times.

Searchlight 40k6 pg 87

If a vehicle has a searchlight, it can, after firing all of its weapons, choose to illuminate its target with the searchlight.

Context:  Shawn had a great question that you had to roll to hit with searchlight for it to negate night fight.  I was curious also.  Was quite happy to learn how it works.  (Don't let people cheat and use searchlight then shoot.  It doesn't work that way.)

Castellan Crowe Grey Knights Codex 5th ed pg 42

Master Swordsman.  His close combat attacks have the Rending special rule, and will rend on a To Wound roll of 4 or more.

Context: One of Shawn's boys asked if Crowe roll to wound of 4+ was always Rending.  At first I naysayed it then was struck dumbfound by remembering it and never using it in all the games he's been in combat.

slainte mhath

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