Sunday, April 21, 2013

Forgeworld Kaela Mensha Khaine part 2

This guy is going to be a lot of fun to paint.  Plan on trying out a lot of new techniques on him.  Ayce00, wants him to look really good.  Wants me to take my time on him.  Not the standard "characters look good not great" like Avatar and Eldar.  Really wants him to pop.

Figured instead of posting large pics explaining small details would take pics of those details.  Legs and bracers based Leadbelcher.  Lightly brushed to not completely cover the base.  Wanted to preserve that patina metal body look.

JJ painting,

Not sure where I saw this online.  Picked it up from another blogger.  They were painting gold without actually painting gold.  Turned out great.  Used the same technique for Ayce00's Fire Dragons.  Gryphonne Sepia wash.

Line highlight and slight drybrush of Ironbreaker.

Another wash of Gryphonne Sepia.  Really it comes to down to building in layers.  Looks really good.  Surprisingly doesn't take a lot of time either.

Second wash when dry.

Warning fuzzy pics ahead: Bracers same as legs.  Glyphs Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Same for glyphs on legs.

The glyphs that are on the molten parts are Auric Gold Armour.  Figured the heat would change the colour from brass to a brighter colour.

Edges of the glyphs highlighted with Auric Gold Armour.

Watch out fuzzy pic ahead.  Chest piece based Brassy Brass.

Highlights were done in three stages.  First edges near the molten part of the body were painted Auric Gold Armour.  Second half the previous highlight was covered with Ironbreaker.  Then half the Ironbreaker highlight was covered with Mithril silver.  Can kind of see the change in the fuzzy pic.

That's it for that nights work.  Would've done more but don't have the blues I want.  Plus need to make them into airbrush versions.  Which I'll be doing Sat.

slainte mhath


  1. Very cool and useful, I plan on doing my one soon :)

    1. Thanks, IDICBeer! I will be checking out your FW Avatar every time you post.

    2. I am working on my Fire Dragons at the moment, then he is next for my Eldar, I hear he is going to be pretty good in the new Codex:)

    3. Are you going to post pics of your Fire Dragons on your bloog soon? Would really like to see them. Hope you don't mind me asking. What have you heard about the avatar for 6th?

    4. Yeah, got a few Fire Dragon posts in the pipeline, the Avatar roumour is with a pinch of salt, but I heard 'The Avatar is buffed a lot'. That's all I know ;)

    5. "Fire Dragons in pipeline" I know that feeling. Now I'll have to cyberstalk your site, well cyberstalk it more. Thanks for the tip.


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