Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Reviewing the difference between Wrecked and Explodes effects on passengers

Shawn suggested I put this up on the blog.  At first I dismissed it.  Thought about it a little more and agreed that this should be put on the blog.

Note card indicates wreckage.

JJ typing, Upon reading these rules I couldn't agree with Shawn more.  Reviewing these two rules would be quite helpful.  Since I ran them backwards in our last battle. /homer's doh!

Wrecked, Effects of Damage on Passengers 40k6 pg 80.

The passengers must immediately disembark in the usual manner, save that they must end their move wholly within 3", rather than 6".

Explodes!, Effects of Damage on Passangers 40k6 pg 80

Surviving passengers are placed where the vehicle used to be; any models that cannot be placed are removed as casualties.

Wrecked Vehicles 40k6 pg 74

Wrecked vehicles are left on the table and effectively become a piece of terrain (conferring a 5+, cover save), counting as both difficult and dangerous terrain.

Context: I'm terribly pleased that Shawn asked me to put these up on the blog.  Primarily because I ran wrecked wrong.  Told Shawn that the Veterans remained in the wrecked vendetta.  That is wrong they should've moved 3" out of the vendetta.  Hope to remember the correct rule for next time.  You were right, Shawn.  My bad

Trying to think of a way to remember this for the future.  Wrecked = unit crawls out of the holes in the hull.  Explodes! = unit stays in the centre of the crater. hmmm

slainte mhath


  1. Also, vehicles are no longer defined as impassable terrain as far as I know or could find in the rulebook, so you can now move out of a wrecked vehicle and move on top of it.

    For wrecked vehicles you still move out of the access points unless you are doing the emergency disembarkation (which would mean that the "unit cannot then perform any voluntary actions for the rest of the turn.". So that's a player turn, which means they can't use psychic powers or overwatch? I can't think of other voluntary things.

    1. Ah wait on the on top, new faq for BRB page 4:
      "Q: Can models move through other friendly models? (p10)
      A: No. Models that are an exception to this rule, such as
      Jump Infantry or Jetbikes, will state this clearly in their rules."

      so no going on top.

    2. Looks like Going to ground is also voluntary.

  2. My question is if the wrecked model becomes a piece of terrain then shouldnt you be able to move thru/over it? It is no longer a friendly model, just terrain??

    1. Good question. According to 40k6 pg 74. When vehicle is wrecked. It remains on the board, something I have to start doing, and becomes a piece of terrain that is both difficult and dangerous. Effectively you can put your models on opponents pretty painted vehicles because it is now a piece of terrain like any other terrain on the board.

    2. It becomes wrecked after you disembark from it, so afterwards sure but not when you are disembarking.


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