Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forgeworld Kaela Mensha Khaine's Loincloth (Completely painted this time)

(deja-vu) Never has been painting a loin cloth been so fun.  Here's the complete post this time.

JJ painting,

Based Reaper Paints Surf Aqua

Leviathan Purple wash

Ok.  Mistake gluing it onto the body prior to painting it.  Carefully pried it off as to not mess with the surrounding work.  For some reason the blue tape was being quite fussy.

Angled the cloth so airbrush would highlight just the raised parts and not get into the folds.

I have no idea what happened to this pic.

Something went wrong when highlighting loin cloth white while airbrushing.  It had to be fixed.  Reaper Master Series Surf Aqua made into airbrush form and suddenly its much better.

Flash Gitz Yellow for hottest part of the flames.

Blazing Orange for middle.

Airbrush Evil Sunz Scarlet to blend it all together and affect colour of loin cloth.

Lots of free-handing later and loin cloth is finally finished.  The glyphs used are the units Shawn regularly uses on the table.  Brush 0/3 Raphael Kolinsky Sable.  Army Painter Mat Black for Eldar glyphs.  Free-handing the glyphs was quite time consuming.  Since a mistake here could mean messing with the airbrushed finished cloth.  Had to take my time and be quite diligent.  Fortunately the few mistakes were easily covered by thinned Surf Aqua.  Ultimately this was done by looking at the symbol in the codex for a couple of seconds.  Then painting what I remembered.

To me for completing so much free-handing.  A blue sunset.  3/4 sunset wheat and 1/4 blue moon.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice work on the free hand. I am in the same boat. I just finished the airbrushing of my chosen form the DV box. I though it would speed things up except now I am bogged down very carefully doing a crap tone of bronze trim on the bastards! ~sigh~ Quality takes time no matter how you do it. Shoulda done plague marines and then sloppy would look okay ;)

    1. Thanks, Zab.

      Yeah, quality takes time. There's something I want to do with the loincloth that will really make it stand out. Not sure if Shawn wants me to spend that much time on it.

      Looking forward to seeing your Chosen.

  2. Lovely work on the tabard, will we get to see the mini as a whole :)

    1. Thank you, IDICBeer. Shawn saw it tonight and told him I had a bigger plan for the loincloth. Was thinking about making it 3D by painting the Avatar glyph behind all of them. Now he's on the fence. Even said "Damn you, JJ. You've me thinking about it." He wants me to make the model to look great but not that great. Guess the difference is 50$. So far we are thinking of another colour with the Avatar glyph actually infront painted over the black glyphs. He's still on the fence.


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