Saturday, April 13, 2013

Iron Warriors Banner commission

This was completely unexpected.  Hulksmash was looking to commission someone to paint a banner.  I threw my hat in the ring and here's the result.

JJ typing, In my neck of the woods, Minneapolis, MN, I'm a member of the crapbook Frozen North Gaming Group.  Frozen North is a table top gaming group.  They have a page where people post pics, make game announcements, set up games, talk shop, etc.  Brad wanted to commission someone to freehand paint an Iron Warriors banner.  Couple spoke up.  I messaged him and we chatted for some time about exactly what he's looking for.  Once the idea was hammered out and payment negotiated the terms were set.  Estimated 10-15 hours to complete banner.

A slight /cough huge /cough high about this commission is because its for Hulksmash.  Some would say top 40k player in the region.  I can only hope if he's sufficiently pleased with it he refers others to me for more commission work.

Enjoy.  I know I did.

Here are sketches of my idea for the banner.

With Brad's feedback on the final drafts.  It was time for painting.

The canvas for my second official commission client.

Need to change the basecoat of my Dark Grey Knights.  Looks remarkably similar to plastic.

Highlighted banner with airbrush.  Did it from a top angle down so paint wouldn't go into the creases.

As you can tell made a mistake first time airbrushing the hazard stripes.  Blooper pic below.  Pulled them off and started over with different yellow.  Have always had trouble with Vallejo Model Air Yellow.  Decided to use Flash Gitz Yellow made into airbrush form.  Worked much better.  Not wanting to spray the grey part of the banner used Tamiya tape to protect those parts.

Airbrush Flash Gitz Yellow is better to work with than Vallejo Model Air Yellow.

More tape across the front and stuck to the back to prepare surface for other half of hazard stripes.

Airbrush Abaddon Black.  Looks damn good.

Much better than Vallejo Model Air Yellow.  Edges needs to be cleaned up.  Won't be a problem.

When working in a confined space I find it best to work from inside out.  You know where you can push your boundaries rather than those boundaries chocking your work.  Red dots for diamond.

Diamond Evil Suns Scartlet.

Army Painter Mat Black for outline of helmet.

Watered down Boltgun Metal for base.  Really like watered down Boltgun Metal.

Leadbelcher for more basing.

Army Painter Mat Black for eyes and clean up teeth.  3:1 Leadbelcher to Mat Black for dark metal shine on top of helmet.

Ironbreaker for highlights.

First highlight of Mithril Silver.

More Mithril Silver for last highlight on helmet.

No tech pen.  Freehand painted letters.  Made a mistake first time on top line.  Started over again.  Dhened Stone for streamer/ribbon.

Cleaned up lettering and ribbon mistakes.  40k buddy Puck was expressed disgust when I answer that the letters were painted with a brush not tech pen.  Brush was Raphael Kolinsky Sable 0/3.  Damn fine brushes.

Cleaned up edges of hazard stripes a little bit.  Not too pleased with how the clean up looks.

Arrows are Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Dots on helmet and arrow tips are Army Painter Mat Black.  Arrows highlighted Auric Armour Gold.

Inside black dots are dots of Mithril Silver on arrows and Auric Armour Gold on helmet.

Purity seals are painted.  Did my standard paint job on them.  Then an extra wash of Leviathan Purple and Evil Sunz Scarlet highlight.  Also monogrammed the Purity Seals with H S for Hulksmash.  Banner trim is Auric Armour Gold highlighted with Ironbreaker.

There's still a lot of time left on the clock.  A Lot of time.  Consulted Brad about what he wanted for the rest.  He originally told me creative license for the rest.  Wanted to get some feed back.  He wanted to see it in person.  Met with him and he wanted a Nuln Oil wash on the grey parts.  Roman numeral 3 above without for the company of his Iron Warriors.  Extend bottom right arrow.  Grey Highlight on top of banner.  Then outside trim based black with grey highlights.  To add them was surprisingly fast.  Should've hung out with Puck at FF.  Perhaps a bite to eat, couple of beers, get to know him more.  Will do next time.  Right half of grey is washed to give you an idea before and after wash.

Nuln Oil wash across all grey careful to not wash other bits.  That was surprisingly easy.

Army Painter Uniform Grey for grey highlights at top of banner.

Army Painter Mat Black for outside of trim.

Adeptus Battlegrey for first grey highlight on black.

Last bit of grey highlight.  Army Painter Uniform Grey over Adeptus Battlegrey.

Asked Brad about the roman numeral 3.  He agreed that it could be better.  Like it much better.  The banner is done.

Critique away.

It was an honour to paint the banner.  Thank you, Brad.   I looked forward to the next time.

Payment.  Had about 50 cents change after purchasing these.  Appreciate the bonus, Brad.

slainte mhath

Blooper pics

Really not sure what is with Vallejo Model Air Yellow and why it won't adhere to painted surface.  Haven't done any research as to why that happens.  This Never happens with a brush.

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